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MMORPG with PvP & PvE elements based on Polygon

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2040WORLD is an immersive MMORPG with PvP and PvE elements set on a planetary-scale space station, where players gather resources, create goods, engage in trading, and fight other avatars for valuable loot, all while shaping a player-driven economy.

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Good projecte
29 Nov 2023

Sequre project is the big projate in world. Magic store all app and nfts is the best program in the airdrop sessionRead More ››

Mulajutt avatarMulajutt1425
great play to earn game
20 Nov 2023

(i) 2040WORLD is a play-to-earn gaming universe where you can create your own avatar, explore a vast space station, and engage in various activities to earn valuable rewards. It's a unique blend of immersive gameplay, engaging quests, and player-driven economy, providing an exciting and rewarding experience. (ii) Immersive World and Quests: Stepping into 2040WORLD, you'll be immediately immersed in the bustling atmosphere of a futuristic space station. The detailed environment, from the sleek architecture to the vibrant neon lights, creates a captivating backdrop for your adventures. (iii) Diverse Activities and Professions: 2040WORLD offers a wide range of activities to keep you engaged, allowing you to pursue your chosen profession and earn valuable rewards. Whether you're a resourceful miner extracting precious resources, a skilled hunter tracking down dangerous creatures, or a savvy entrepreneur managing your own factories, there's something for everyone. (iv) Player-Driven Economy and Trading: One of the key aspects of 2040WORLD is its player-driven economy. The resources you gather, the goods you produce, and the services you offer all have value in the game's market. You can trade with other players, participate in auctions, and invest in various ventures to earn tokens and build your wealth. (v) Overall, 2040WORLD delivers a unique and engaging gaming experience that seamlessly blends immersive gameplay, diverse activities, and a player-driven economy. With its regular updates, vibrant community, and emphasis on exploration, 2040WORLD is a promising play-to-earn game that has the potential to capture the attention of gamers worldwide.Read More ››

BottomUp2023 avatarBottomUp202313580
2040 World so good
09 Nov 2023

It must be said that the graphics of this game are top notch. I tried it and fell in love with it. I played the role like a true warrior. Explore lands from the jungle to the sea. Collect gold coins or attack creatures like aliens and complete your missions. That's great. You should experience it.Read More ››

Really good AAA game
01 Oct 2023

A really good game with unique mechanics (the ability to create a character similar to yourself in the future), a well-developed economy of the entire game, starting from the extraction of resources on the map, ending with the sale of these resources to production that makes weapons, armor, etc. for money. Good ambient sounds, very detailed graphics.Read More ››

alexnest2002 avataralexnest20028080
тест начался
07 Sep 2023

тест идет и можно купить производсвтво сейчас правда цена 2 к доллров. но у кого есть почему бы и нет . я правда воздержусь так как депо нетRead More ››

alsterh78 avataralsterh781770
17 Aug 2023

Хорошая игра, подкрутить ей немного графики и прям будет сок, а так хорошо продуманная экономика игры, где можно даже немного подзаработать. Мне нравиться)Read More ››

Iam_p_r_p avatarIam_p_r_p2860

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