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Arcas is a Compete and Earn apeverse where power is given to the players. Developed by Binance Incubated Web3 Gaming studio Block Ape Scissors, Arcas currently has 1 game in Alpha: Arcas Champions, a fast paced PvP shooter combining skilled gunplay with stunning abilities to create the perfect blend of competitive gaming.

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05 Dec 2023

Arcas, considering the highly competitive nature of the web3 gaming industry, especially in the realm of third-person shooter games, it poses a significant challenge for games to thrive. However, a notable advantage of this project is its backing by Binance Labs, and I appreciate the engaging gameplay. While the graphics could use improvement, overall, the quality is satisfactory and has the potential to match popular PC shooter games. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that a high-end PC is recommended for an optimal gaming experience.Read More ››

shark1n avatarshark1n12120
03 Dec 2023

There are a lot of web3 gaming projects developed on daily basis and there is a lot of competition but the positive point is that Arcas is Developed by Binance Incubated Web3 Gaming studio Block Ape Scissors so we can expect a lot from it.Game play is good, graphics are stunning with eye catching images and you are all the time engaged in the game.I would like everyone to give it a try and support the project and also the team must bring regular updates to keep the players engaged all the time. Read More ››

noawde avatarnoawde11440
A Bright Future for Arcas
28 Nov 2023

Arcas is a groundbreaking metaverse gaming platform that has captured my attention with its innovative compete-and-earn model and immersive gameplay. Developed by Binance Incubated Web3 Gaming studio Block Ape Scissors, Arcas is still in its early stages, but it has already demonstrated immense potential to revolutionize the gaming landscape.Is more than just a game; it's a metaverse with limitless potential for creativity, collaboration, and community building. The platform's open-world environment allows players to explore, socialize, and create their own unique experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and shared ownership. I am excited to witness Arcas' evolution and its impact on the gaming landscape. Read More ››

JOKER avatarJOKER8680.2
27 Nov 2023

As the web3 gaming industry is very competitive in terms of third person shooter gaming so it is difficult for games to survive, but this project is backed by binance labs and i liked its gameplay also so thats the good point, but the graphics could have been better rest it's already good and can be on par to the popular PC shooter games. Yeah but still you need a high end pc to have a good playing experience.Read More ››

Gabrujaat avatarGabrujaat12830.4
It's a cool game
21 Nov 2023

I really liked the game. Very nice graphics. Smooth movement, shooting, drawing. Very cool product.Read More ››

dimajo2541 avatardimajo254111925
Arcas Game
20 Nov 2023

This is a great shooting game. I have to accept that. With excellent graphics, very beautiful. Wonderful sound. I played the role of a real sniper and destroyed other players to win. I think this experience is very good for me. And you should try it.Read More ››

This game is incedibly dazzling
19 Nov 2023

This game is incedibly dazzling! I like the gameplay, but it could really use some updating. When you shoot a lot of the time it doesn't even register, and no this is NOT an internet issue, I play at 20-30 ms, and I really want this to be fixed. The graphics are great, but I wish you could be able to adjust them more freely such as having a textures option, anti aliasing option, shadow option, and effects option. Lastly, the controls. The controls are great.Read More ››

datdrummer avatardatdrummer12610
17 Nov 2023

It's fantastic. It supports multiplayer. You may select modes in multiplayer. To unlock all ways, you must reach a particular level. It includes team fight, free-for-all all, capture the flag, zone control, VIP, and other features. I really enjoy it. Read More ››

lilanepang avatarlilanepang12491.2

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    11 Nov 2023

    Game features is really awesome but still under development. when its done hope we can see more new things with exciting thrills! now im waiting for full version releaseRead More ››

    Psk1one avatarPsk1one8283.3

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