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Range-bound derivative products for DeFi

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Bracket Labs delivers a way for traders to make money in any volatility condition without having to create complex strategies from scratch. Bracket Labs presents Passage, a simple market for volatility without bias for price direction. Great for perps traders looking to play vol. -Range-bound -Simple one-click purchases -Leverage without funding rates -Limit order book -Great for flat markets

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29 Nov 2023

This remarkable app defines the future of DeFi, with its emphasis on sleek UI/UX design, making it visually appealing and user-friendly.Read More ››

Damnational avatarDamnational8900.2
28 Nov 2023

The creator's enthusiasm for BracketX and their eagerness to showcase its potential is clear. Make sure not to overlook this valuable resource Bracket Labs continues to push boundaries with their cutting-edge platform, which simplifies the complex world of trading.Amazing! I can't wait to see how 'BracketX' revolutionizes trading with its ingenious solution. Kudos to Bracket Labs for their innovative approach! I really liked it. Good luck teamRead More ››

todkras avatartodkras12047.4
24 Oct 2023

With Bracket X, which has a very simple design, users can make leveraged transactions without funding rates.The platform, which has many features for advanced users, offers beginners the opportunity to trade with uncomplicated transactions. It does not support other networks other than Arbitrum chain, which is a negative situation.Read More ››

levo avatarlevo7440
My experience with BracketX
14 Oct 2023

My experience with BracketX has been very pleasant. One of BracketX's strengths is its innovative trading features. The platform offers a variety of trading tools, including margin trading, leverage, and options. These advanced trading features provide traders with extensive flexibility to execute their strategies effectively. BracketX is a promising DeFi trading platform that combines accessibility, advanced trading features, and robust security. Whether you're a DeFi trader seeking a user-friendly platform or someone looking to explore the possibilities of decentralized finance, BracketX offers a range of opportunities.Read More ››

julian avatarjulian13025
Defi has never been easier
10 Oct 2023

This application makes DEFI trading easy for newbies and more accomplishing for older players in the industry.Read More ››

Clintonkes avatarClintonkes1135
10 Oct 2023

Their website is easy to use and navigate, easy to understand and simple, and it is complete, nice work team!Read More ››

Alan avatarAlan8895
Отличный проект
10 Oct 2023

Будущее Defi наступило благодаря этому замечательному приложению; мне нравится, что было уделено время работе над ui/ux, чтобы оно выглядело очень привлекательным для глаз.Read More ››

Ybijtsa avatarYbijtsa10806.4
10 Oct 2023

on the platform, you will be able to search , creat, sell ypr domain names and mange web3 credentials from different isuuers across multiple blockchain, simplifying the integration workflow for web3 projects. The BracketX app has many features for advanced users. The design is simple and clear, the application is very convenient to use. The application works quickly and does not slow down. Overall, I can recommend this application for traders, they will like it)Read More ››

IIII666IIII avatarIIII666IIII6470

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    good workLow
    05 Oct 2023

    I have been watching it for a couple of days, I will continue watching and interacting. excellent project and very ambitious and good work.Read More ››

    Walter avatarWalter482.1
    22 Sep 2023

    I Just finished using the site, i experienced a seemless transactions , there's room for improvement anywaysRead More ››

    Oladayho avatarOladayho1810

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