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Pioneer DEX and liquidity protocol built on Move

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About Cetus Protocol

Cetus is a pioneer DEX and concentrated liquidity protocol built on the Sui and Aptos blockchain. The mission of Cetus is building a powerful and flexible underlying liquidity network to make trading easier for any users and assets. It focuses on delivering the best trading experience and superior liquidity efficiency to DeFi users through the process of building its concentrated liquidity protoco

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Validation Score4.8

  • yes97%

  • no3%

Cetus Protocol Review Score by Real Users

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Very bad
25 Nov 2023

How did you get 4.8 points? Such a rubbish project can get such a high score. Are you all scoring with your eyes closed?Read More ››

sanye avatarsanye2796.7
Transparent platform
21 Nov 2023

Cetus Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that aims to revolutionize the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. It offers a secure and transparent platform for users to trade, lend, borrow, and earn interest on their digital assets. Cetus Protocol also incorporates advanced features such as cross-chain interoperability and decentralized governance to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of DeFi services.Read More ››

Joney avatarJoney11915
Cetus Protocol
12 Nov 2023

I have chance to experience this project when I skin in the game with Sui ecosystem. For me this is a great DEX platform that aiming user has a trust place to trade and provide liquidity easily. The dapp apperance is very clear and friendly. Let's do better! Read More ››

Gonxiu avatarGonxiu10475
11 Nov 2023

Cetus is a liquidity protocol built on sui and Aptos network. It provides best trading experience and superior liquidity to defi users .Read More ››

Shakil ahmed avatarShakil ahmed9310
very user-friendly
20 Oct 2023

I have been using Cetus Protocol for a few weeks now, and I have been very impressed with the platform. It is very user-friendly and easy to use. The trading experience is also very smooth and efficient.Cetus Protocol is a great platform for traders and liquidity providers. The CLMM is very effective at providing good prices and low slippage. I'm also impressed with the wide range of features that Cetus Protocol offers.Overall, I am very satisfied with Cetus Protocol Read More ››

JOKER avatarJOKER8395.2
Cetus Protocol
18 Oct 2023

I am not doubt that Cetus will develop that one of the most outstanding DEX platforms in Sui network. I am really comfortable when experiencing in this platform.Read More ››

Holoars avatarHoloars11795
Good DEFI platform
07 Oct 2023

I used Cetus Protocol on the Sui network. Cetus has basic features such as: Swap, add pool, farm and especially launchpad. The platform offers fast, smooth trading with low slippage. I really like CetusRead More ››

vonnguyen avatarvonnguyen8520
Best dex on Sui
25 Sep 2023

This is definitely the best dex on the Sui blockchain, I have used it many times and never had any problems. For example, there is another very popular Bluemove dex, and during a swap it can show you one amount, but a completely different one goes to your wallet, which is much smaller, I didn’t have such problems with Cetus. Plus, the prices for many coins on Cetus are higher, which also gives an advantage. Therefore, my choice is definitely CetusRead More ››

le avatarle12335

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Token Statistics
  • Market Cap$15,528,536.00
  • Volume$2,281,884.00
  • Circulating Supply15,491,407.396
  • Max Supply-
  • FDMC$15,528,536

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    • 03.08.2023Validation Date
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    Cetus Protocol User Trust Reviews

    25 Aug 2023

    As an investor in Cetus, I am thrilled to share my positive experience with this pioneering DEX and concentrated liquidity protocol. Cetus has truly revolutionized the way I trade and interact with assets on the Sui and Aptos blockchain. The mission of Cetus to build a powerful and flexible underlying liquidity network has been successfully achieved, making trading easier for users like myself. One of the standout features of Cetus is its commitment to delivering the best trading experience. The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it a breeze to navigate and execute trades. Whether I'm a seasoned DeFi user or new to the space, Cetus provides a seamless trading experience that caters to all levels of expertise. Furthermore, Cetus's concentrated liquidity protocol has greatly enhanced liquidity efficiency within the DeFi ecosystem. By concentrating liquidity into specific pools, Cetus ensures that trades can be executed quickly and at optimal prices. This not only benefits traders like myself but also contributes to the overall growth and stability of the DeFi market. I have personally invested in pools on Cetus and have seen significant profits as a result. The platform's transparent and secure nature instills confidence in me as an investor, knowing that my funds are protected while generating returns. Overall, my experience with Cetus has been exceptional. It has provided me with a reliable and efficient platform for trading assets on the Sui and Aptos blockchain. With its innovative approach to liquidity provision and commitment to user satisfaction, I highly recommend Cetus to anyone looking to enhance their trading experience in the world of decentralized finance.Read More ››

    Ivars avatarIvars13892.1

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