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Game process Move between ports and fight against monsters, dangerous bosses, and other players. Take loot from them and become the richest pirate in the whole New World. Ship The player's ship plays a key role in Crypto Pirates. Any registered player receives a free ship upon the first start-up. By minting (or purchasing secondhand) and using an NFT, the player can raise the ship's stats. The

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Validation Score4.8

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  • AvatarculaiYes
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  • AvatarHbpatel7155Yes
  • AvataramirgillYes
  • AvatarEnjoyYes
  • AvatarRahul1234Yes
  • AvatarBabitashiYes
  • Avatarfighter4Yes
  • Avatarxyzsam1Yes
  • AvatarQwettyggYes
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Crypto Pirates
07 Nov 2023

The game all in all is wonderful, fun and worth the download. For those that may be struggling with losing ships after a defeat in a battle: you lose your ships if the ones you own sunk. What you can do to prevent it is just reset the game before it sinks. It'll restore your ship(s). I hope this helps to clear out the confusion. Other than that, as I said it's worth the download.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarmemesocial12440.00
04 Nov 2023

This is a game of exploration through many different levels. I have gone through many missions with many different levels. And the graphics of this game are really great. It's space pirate exploration style. I have ventured to different places in the universe. You can also get NFTs for beating levels and can sell them. I like it, that's all!Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarthanhho17565.20
Crypto Pirates
31 Oct 2023

Fantastic game, I had a great time playing it. I've already spent a couple bucks on it since it's a game I'm interested in seeing grow. This game is fantastic! There seem to be enough of things to do and places to visit, yet it's still basic enough that I don't feel overwhelmed. Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarblafea11235.00
Crypto Pirates
26 Oct 2023

This game is a lot of fun for me. Even if it's an idle game, having many characters keeps you engaged. The game is also entertaining, which adds to my enjoyment. It is unquestionably a game to have! Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarlisonesunshine11065.00
Crypto Pirates
21 Oct 2023

Excellent game; I hope there are more missions. As someone who has played every single Space rpg and still has them all downloaded, I'd want to see the chance to select a side in the main tale, as well as more story in general. The game is fantastic, and the developer's efforts are motivating. Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarNatulaTamara11045.00
Crypto Pirates
12 Oct 2023

Your game project is amazing! Beautiful graphic design, engaging and unique gameplay, along with an engaging storyline. Congratulations and keep up the great projects like this!Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarkenbons8460.20
Crypto Pirates
07 Oct 2023

I really enjoy playing this game because it has a very nice interface and many new things. I need to learn more about it.Read More ››

Reviewer's avataranhduong8215.00
Crypto Pirates
04 Oct 2023

I can't get enough of this game. It's only been a few days since I started playing the game, but I'm already smitten. It lavishes prizes on you for being an inquisitive little gremlin who investigates everything. It's a high-quality, entertaining, and simple-to-play game. It certainly is a labor of love for its participants.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarlilanepang11061.20

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