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Command Heroes in a Fantasy RPG World

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About DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain, play and earn game built on a strong DeFi protocol. Gameplay in DeFi Kingdoms is centered around Hero NFTs. Hero NFTs are playable characters that you can level up and earn tokens and rewards with! As your Heroes are assigned to go on quests, they’ll earn XP, increase their stats, find and craft rare items, and more!

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DeFi Kingdoms Review Score by Real Users

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Defi kingdom
18 Nov 2023

This is a game like manor zero but it is more complex and have many things to do in it with poor visuals, there is a defi economy and onboarding was easy but the game didn't impressed me at all, also it is on DFK chain but gradually they will shift to avalanche and other, it is something which is not of my type.Read More ››

Gabrujaat avatarGabrujaat12830.4
Overall fun and engaging game
16 Nov 2023

It is one of the only games that you can actually command your troops where to attack when in battle. And on top of that you can build a base and see what you need to improve after looking at resent defends. You get to level up your attackers and the theme is great. I have had no problems on the game but to be expected your device may have bugs so if you experience problems such as running slow, can't touch screen,...Read More ››

datdrummer avatardatdrummer12610
DeFi Kingdoms
14 Nov 2023

DeFi Kingdoms is a game where players can earn tokens by leveling up Hero NFTs through quests and acquiring rare items. It combines DeFi and gaming to create income opportunities in the digital realm.Read More ››

RogalevLion avatarRogalevLion10570
Game no more)
14 Nov 2023

This is a game that you can play and earn money. It is built on a solid financial protocol. In the game, you use NFT heroes that look like special characters. You can level them up, and as they complete tasks, they get better, find cool items and earn tokens and rewards. The whole point is to make your heroes stronger and enjoy the game.Read More ››

Ven4eg avatarVen4eg14115.9
defi game
07 Nov 2023

DeFi Kingdoms is a cool game that you can play and earn stuff. It's built on a strong financial protocol. The Heroes have two genomes, one for appearance and another for their playable attributes, such as Job class, subclasses, passive and active abilities, and more. During the summoning process, the newly summoned hero will randomly gain genes from both source heroes used in the summoning. There is also the possibility of mutations in genes, leading to new, rare abilities and job classes.Read More ››

miki54 avatarmiki5410060
My favourite Web 3 RPG!
01 Nov 2023

Great Economy, community and Dev Team! Combat System is so fun! Rewarding Gameplay and great Final fantasy style graphics!Read More ››

Cryptogerik_ avatarCryptogerik_20
defi kingdoms
27 Oct 2023

I try to play but i meat some problems like hard to connect i need to try few times till i can connect t game,somethime th game have some lag and i am disappointed of low quality of graphics.Read More ››

juv3 avatarjuv312455
24 Oct 2023

DeFi Kingdoms - where DeFi meets gaming excellence! This cross-chain gem is a playground for crypto enthusiasts. Hero NFTs steal the show as they embark on epic quests, leveling up, and accumulating rewards. Watch your Heroes grow stronger, craft rare items, and master the DeFi art. A thrilling fusion of DeFi and gaming awaits in DeFi Kingdoms! Read More ››

Dean avatarDean6770

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  • Volume$307,071.00
  • Circulating Supply70,879,452.568
  • Max Supply125,000,000
  • FDMC$41,351,987

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    DeFi Kingdoms User Trust Reviews

    good gameMedium
    24 Oct 2023

    I like this game. I like this platform. is the story inside and the Heroes Genes. The Heroes have two genomes, one for appearance and another for their playable attributes, such as Job class, subclasses, passive and active abilities, and more. very goodRead More ››

    Anderson39 avatarAnderson396810

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