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We empower individuals and businesses to generate billions in the DeFi economy by offering “no-code” solutions that are easy to use. Anyone can leverage secure and audited templates to create their custom financial products. We believe it’s time for you to thrive as a self-governing financial entity in tomorrow’s decentralized economy.

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nice app
01 Dec 2023

simple to use application, easy to understand for beginners in web3.0, layout rather well done.. a. to tryRead More ››

mickinsey avatarmickinsey11165
Earn 5
28 Nov 2023

This project offers daily access with a safe and profitable way to profit from your digital assets. With flexible and fixed betting options, you can adapt your investment strategy to your personal needs. You also have the option to adjust your strategy by betting according to market conditions. The simple flexible rate on LTC is 120% per annum. This is so good that I'm not sure if it's not a fake or a scam, but the project looks quite legitimate. The concept is very simple: you can bet and borrow. And they have very good rates for some major currencies like LTC and XRP. At that rate, you could double in a year. I just need some insurance for the funds.Read More ››

Lucky avatarLucky7360
A Promising but Flawed Crypto Project
10 Nov 2023

I have been using Earn Network for a few months now, and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it is a very innovative and ambitious project that aims to create a decentralized network of users who share their bandwidth and earn cryptocurrency in return. The idea is that by using the Earn app, you can monetize your idle internet connection and get paid in EARN tokens, which you can then exchange for other cryptocurrencies On the other hand, the project has some serious drawbacks that make me question its viability and sustainability. First of all, the earnings are very low and inconsistent. Depending on your location, connection speed, and online time, you may earn only a few cents or even nothing at all per day. The app also consumes a lot of resources and may slow down your device or interfere with your other online activities. Secondly, the project is still in beta phase and has many bugs and issues that need to be fixed. For example, sometimes the app crashes, freezes, or disconnects without warning, and you lose your earnings or have to restart the app. Thirdly, the project lacks transparency and communication with its users. There is no clear roadmap, whitepaper, or audit report for the project, and the team behind it is very secretive and unresponsive. The website and the app also have very limited information and support options, and the social media channels are mostly inactive or filled with spam. In conclusion, I think Earn Network is a promising but flawed crypto project that has a lot of potential but also a lot of risks. I would not recommend investing a lot of money or time into it, unless you are willing to take a gamble and hope for the best. It is a fun and easy way to earn some extra cash, but not a reliable or stable source of income.Read More ››

AcE avatarAcE8580
Earn Network
05 Nov 2023

This is a platform for staking, re-staking and lending of your crypto assets. Moreover, the landing page is still under development. In some gardens you can stake NFTs along with coins. The main advantage of this site is that a huge number of coins in different networks and blockchains are collected in one place.Read More ››

Dato1st avatarDato1st11330
defi web3
22 Oct 2023

Earn Network is an interesting and innovative template-based cryptocurrency trading and staking application. This innovative project is paving the way for individuals and businesses to harness the vast potential of the DeFi economy effortlessly. With its user-friendly "no-code" solutions, it has democratized access to DeFi, enabling anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to create custom financial products. As the decentralized economy continues to evolve, this project's commitment to simplicity and security positions it as a driving force in shaping tomorrow's financial landscape.Read More ››

miki54 avatarmiki548910
19 Oct 2023

Interesting, there's lots to learn and to work with, in this app for sure. DeFi Staking on Earn Network offer decentralized financial products and services. Users have the flexibility to choose between Flexible and Locked Staking pools based on their individual needs and investment strategy, catering to both short-term and long-term investors.Read More ››

Willy Kim avatarWilly Kim12755
18 Oct 2023

It's easy and intuitive, there is no need for web3 knowledge. They have both wallet and email login, so it's perfect for web2 and web3 users at the same time. You can send very easy to any web2 mail a lot of tokens from 4-5 networks.The only thing I see as improvment is to add more networks like Linea and more tokens on each network.Read More ››

Alan avatarAlan8895
Empowering Financial Freedom
10 Oct 2023

Earn Network is more than just a DeFi platform; it's a catalyst for financial freedom. With its 'no-code' solutions, user-friendly interface, and commitment to security, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we engage with the decentralized economy. I wholeheartedly recommend Earn Network to anyone looking to embark on a journey towards financial empowerment in the world of DeFiRead More ››

mumtazer avatarmumtazer7270

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    Earn Network User Trust Reviews

    Top earning platformHigh
    04 Oct 2023

    The team is very well focused and has delivered a top earning yield platform. I think I might invite my friends and family to use itRead More ››

    Sweet avatarSweet2070
    23 Sep 2023

    The Earn Network app has completely changed the way I approach earning opportunities online. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to make money from various sources in one unified platform. Pros: Diverse Earning Options: Earn Network offers a wide range of ways to make money, from surveys and referrals to online tasks and cashback offers. It's a one-stop-shop for income generation. User-Friendly: The app's user interface is simple and easy to navigate. I was able to get started without any confusion, and finding new earning opportunities is a breeze. Regular Payouts: I've received consistent payouts for my earnings, and the payment process is straightforward and reliable. Community Support: The app has an active community where users share tips and success stories, creating a supportive and motivating environment. Security: My personal and financial information feels safe and secure, which is crucial when dealing with online earnings. Cons: Some Earnings May Be Limited: Depending on your location and demographic, some earning opportunities may be limited. It would be great to see more global options. Ads and Promotions: There are occasional ads and promotions within the app, but they are not overly intrusive. Overall, the Earn Network app has become an essential part of my online income strategy. Its versatility, ease of use, and reliable payouts make it a standout platform for those looking to boost their earnings. Whether you're a casual earner or looking to make a more significant income online, this app has something to offer. Highly recommended!Read More ››

    thefirst1ne avatarthefirst1ne3260
    Yeld FarmingHigh
    22 Sep 2023

    Yeld Farming is a good opportunity to passive income. I looking for Yeld dApps and this one was nice surprizeRead More ››

    61epoc avatar61epoc6020.1
    My validation on the siteHigh
    22 Sep 2023

    Its a nice one, kudos to the dev. Looking forward to brighter initiatives by the team to enhance growth and speedy developmentRead More ››

    Oladayho avatarOladayho1810

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