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About Elfin Kingdom

Elfin Kingdom is an MMORPG interplanetary kingdom in the Metaverse. Everyone wants to have the most valuable and strong Elfins not only to win the famous Elfin Interplanetary championship, but also because Elfins are the only creatures that can save the galaxy!

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21 Nov 2023

Elfin Kingdom is a cool game, I played it for a couple of days, but suddenly it became not so interesting and I stopped playing it. I think we need to add something new, because it is quickly starting to become uninteresting. my opinion is that the game should be more interesting and have several gameplay modes to attract me more.Read More ››

miki54 avatarmiki549940
Elfin Kingdom
30 Oct 2023

A huge advantage of this game is that it works in your Internet browser and does not need to be downloaded. The game itself is an online RPG with turn-based pet battles. At the very beginning, you start in a town with many different locations and before you board your spaceship and start exploring other worlds you need to purchase pets. Animals are divided by levels and their belonging to one of the elements such as water, fire and so on. The battles themselves are carried out using cards of different actions, similar to other similar WEB3 games. The reward is the in-game token ELFIN, which is awaiting listing in the near future.Read More ››

Dato1st avatarDato1st11410
Elfin Kingdom so cute
24 Oct 2023

Last night, I could not sleep and I tried to play Elfin Kingdom. It was a amazing moment for me. Because this platform is so cute. The gameplay of Elfin Kingdom is similar to Pokemon games. The thing which I don’t like this platform is that the way connect to this platform, it has only two app: MetaMask, Coinbase. It is not convenient for us to experience. Beside of that thing, there’re some things that I like this platform is the graphic. It is so cute, and when I join in the game, I can choose their role and start their adventure in Elfin Kingdom to participate in capturing Elfin (creatures in the game world). I hope Elfin Kingdom’s team will update more way to connect with this platform. Thanks!Read More ››

JourNo avatarJourNo21845
Elfin Kingdom
05 Oct 2023

The game is great. I can play it without getting bored. The interface and draw are very good. I will recommend many people to joinRead More ››

AnhDuong avatarAnhDuong8280
04 Oct 2023

I recommend the game because it's a quality and beautiful blockchain game with simple controls. And in general, playing and earning is a good concept for any game!Read More ››

lavrush1n avatarlavrush1n11790.5
Great game
04 Oct 2023

It so great. I recommend game Elfin Kingdom, because this is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain role-playing strategy game where players can own NFT creatures and earn ELFIN and KING tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network.Read More ››

Elfin Kingdom
02 Oct 2023

I really like playing this type of game. This game brings a lot of fun and excitement. You should try itRead More ››

pickay avatarpickay7725
Great project
01 Oct 2023

I think Elfin Kingdom this game has a cute graphics style and is super easy to get started because it makes me feel like I'm playing RPG games from the past. But I don't really like repetitive games. I think it should be more interesting and develop multiple modes of gameplay to better attract me. I will play enjoy with music and with my friend👍Read More ››

Overthinks avatarOverthinks10565

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