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Programable P2P, OTC, Spot and Options trading

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About Eve Exchange

Eve is a comprehensive P2P trading ecosystem that supports: OTC - buy and sell any token without impacting market prices. Program discounts, vesting, launch a token sale, and more. Coming soon! Options- sell options to earn income and buy options to enhance profits or hedge risk. Stake - stake popular assets to earn event-driven yield.

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Review Eve Exchange
08 Nov 2023

It seems to be a fairly complete and versatile platform for trading cryptocurrencies and tokens. I like the variety of options they offer, from OTC (Over The Counter) to avoid impacting market prices, to the ability to schedule discounts, launch token sales, and trade options to increase profits or reduce risks. What I like is their focus on flexibility and the multiple ways to generate income in the world of cryptocurrencies. Also positive is that they will offer the ability to trade popular assets to earn event-driven returns. However, one criticism I could make is that sometimes the versatility can be a little overwhelming for less experienced users. A friendly interface and solid educational resources would be helpful to help users get the most out of all the available features. In short, it is a promising platform for cryptocurrency trading, with many interesting options.Read More ››

Carlos Manuel Cabrera avatarCarlos Manuel Cabrera12285
App usage
28 Mar 2023

I love this application. smart trades and mainly cost less trading. instead of spending 10$ if i make 10 transcations. now i am saving much more by paying subscription. 20$/month with unlimited tradingRead More ››

Tejarao07 avatarTejarao071.6

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