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Ev.io is a first-person shooter developed by Enthusiast Gaming. It takes inspiration from "Bungee-style" shooters, like Halo or Destiny. Experience the Halo of web3: PvP, PvE, 10+ maps, 20+ weapons, 5 game modes, private games, parties and earn Solana for every kill. Ev.io is Free-to-play, with an NFT you can Play-and-earn.

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23 Oct 2023

This is an excellent game. The game's gameplay isn't horrible, and neither are the controls. It's the same game as you would envision other games. It's enjoyable to interact with others. You have several modes, and it's pretty wonderful because it's a lot of fun to play. Read More ››

NatulaTamara avatarNatulaTamara11630
16 Oct 2023

The gameplay is snappy, and the aesthetics are nice. Loadout customization and online multiplayer modes like the action-packed Team Deathmatch are fantastic. The optimization and simple controls make you feel like a special operations soldier. Overall, it's an FPS game with relentless action that satisfies the Call of Duty craving.Read More ››

AJP84382 avatarAJP8438212450.9
small size good game
13 Oct 2023

I have played this game many times before, it is a small game but game mechanics are impressive and i enjoyed it a lot. Best for community gaming nights.Read More ››

Gabrujaat avatarGabrujaat12660.4
13 Oct 2023

Fantastic first-person shooter! If your phone can handle it, the visuals are excellent; if not, they are modifiable. Unique and inventive objects and gameplay centered on. I like the controls. Uncommon goods, health, and grenades need an on-screen button press, but primary weapon fire happens when your crosshairs are on an adversary.Read More ››

lisonesunshine avatarlisonesunshine11950
12 Oct 2023

It is one of the greatest first-person shooter games I've ever played. The characters and skills are fantastic, the controls are simple to use, I haven't paid a penny on this, and you can unlock the pass if you grind on the game; if you're looking for a time killer, give the game a try.Read More ››

lilanepang avatarlilanepang11646.2
12 Oct 2023

The game feels impressive in general, like how you can simply jump into a battle and rack up some kills, and no one seems to worry whether they do exceptionally well as long as they don't do awful. My point is that there isn't much pressure to be "the best" player in the competition; simply shoot some opponents and have fun. Also, the graphics are superb, the controls are simple, and the sound is fantastic.Read More ››

mosk_alen avatarmosk_alen11885
05 Oct 2023

A great shooting game with many options for players to manipulate the game, the game's graphic interface is top of the lineRead More ››

pickay avatarpickay7720
03 Oct 2023

There are many types of games on the market but I really like this type of game. I find it very enjoyable to play. I don't get bored like other games.Read More ››

conlaigi avatarconlaigi8275

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    Not badMedium
    25 Jul 2023

    I liked the game, it hung for a couple of hours, nice graphics and convenient controls, everything is intuitiveRead More ››

    Tuta avatarTuta550

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