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About Fair Fight

▪️Decentralized P2P game protocol that allows the user to play directly with another user, bypassing all intermediaries. ▪️Our main goal of the project is to create a decentralized gaming protocol and games based on it that would not favor centralized campaigns over players/users and would provide a fair mathematical basis for games with a 50/50 probability of winning.

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Validation Score4.1

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169876 Votes

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  • AvatarCHEKANTAYes
  • Avatarhai2706904Yes
  • AvatarHollowPointYes
  • AvatarDimoooooooooooooonYes
  • AvatarAlex5sYes
  • AvatarSlogYes
  • AvatarEwertonYes
  • AvatarbyulYes
  • Avatarhai2706905Yes
  • Avatarviemernibest1971Yes
  • AvataryypypYes
  • AvatargdfdfdfgYes
  • AvatarAlqambraYes
  • AvatarYaralyYes
  • Avataryurch32Yes
  • AvatarAlex7sYes
  • Avatarzarthenitop1971Yes
  • Avataraaa311Yes
  • AvatarMiller26Yes
  • AvatardivannoYes

Fair Fight Review Score by Real Gamers

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Fair fight
24 Nov 2023

Its enjoable and challenging game. i like the level system and every mission is really amazing to complete them. game works good and and graphically fineRead More ››

Reviewer's avatarSharo10562.50
Fair Fight
21 Nov 2023

It's challenging, but you'll feel it if you progress. It feels like a proper game. Most stuff is accessible and entertaining. I recommend using a controller if you can get it to work! Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarlisonesunshine11065.00
Fair Fight
21 Nov 2023

It's a simple, entertaining, and great game with challenging levels for more experienced players and a simple yet effective design overall. There is no pay to win. Overall, it was a good game.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarAJP8438211865.90
Fair Fight Icon Fair Fight
19 Nov 2023

It was amazingly gorgeous and precisely what was expected from the game. It's genuinely remarkable to find a match that fits the expectations established, and the quality gives it credit.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarblafea11235.00
Fair Fight
17 Nov 2023

It's a very great retro-style platformer. The graphics are pixelated, the controls are crisp and accurate, and the levels are reasonably sized and challenging. I adore playing the game.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarmosk_alen11300.00
Fair fight
12 Nov 2023

Fair fight concept is amazing where users can compete directly with one another without the assistance of middlemen or any outside parties.However I didn't like it because I didn't find the option to play test game and to play the game you need Rose coins.Also the design is cumbersome and interface is poorly designed where newbies will have no idea of what to do and where to find options,they will take a lot of time to find their desired content.In my opinion if the design and interface is not good then what is inside may also be not good,so I will not play it.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarnoawde10005.00
Fair Fight
10 Nov 2023

primitive. the idea is crude, the graphics are primitive. I'm not sure I can sit in this more than once.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarAlise23093520.00
Its pixel style awakened my childhood me
07 Nov 2023

Fair Fit is a Web3 Decentralized P2P game. The main goal of this project is to create a decentralized P2P game protocol that allows users to bypass all intermediaries and play directly with another user. Its pixel style awakened my childhood memories. This is really an unforgettable experienceRead More ››

Reviewer's avatar53583948711969.60

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    Fair Fight User Trust Reviews

    FF - best gambl dappHigh
    25 Oct 2023

    Yes, the game is inferior in graphics obviously because of the small budgets. But in any case it is not another "Play to earn" with a fictitious market . You bet, you take your winnings. All through a non-costodial wallet.Read More ››

    Reviewer's avatarFair_Hugo75.00

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