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Marketplace for tokenizing and monetizing your data Your access point to decentralized storage for impactful content, where data hunters, keepers, and providers connect.

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Quite hard app for low-tech users
20 Nov 2023

I tried out Filemarket cause MS give hot offers. I have to say: This app just for 10% users who have great knowledge about tech. 1/ So hard to user, so hard to understand how filemarket work 2/ High commissions 3/ Just support few big chains 4/ The best thing about this app is security. 5/ To be honest, I prefer Element, Opensea which so simple to user 6/ Overall, 3 stars for thiss appRead More ››

Baby_one_more_time avatarBaby_one_more_time9235.5
The NFT market is mediocre
12 Nov 2023

Mediocre NFT market, commissions are expensive, few networks with the possibility of use, difficult to use, the only plus is good security. You can set an additional login password with the help of a wallet, which you need to carry every time you log in to the site, which is a bit inconvenient!Read More ››

Satoru Gojo avatarSatoru Gojo9313.6
Privacy at best
12 Nov 2023

FileMarket is very nice addition to the web3 it allows you to store files and encrypt them like NFT. It is censorship resistant and it makes the project very valuable in this years of censorship. The problem I found is that the transactions are very slow, they should find a way to increase the speed. The support for Zksync is cool addition too.Read More ››

Didi avatarDidi13205
File Market
31 Oct 2023

Thanks to hot offer from File Market, I soon experience with function to create the own NFT based on hobby and favorite picture. The process creation is very smooth and transparent. I look forward to new feature from project.Read More ››

Holoars avatarHoloars12255
22 Oct 2023

Using the EFT© Protocol for the NFTs you own, FileWallet encrypts each file hidden inside the NFT with a special encryption key, a great security measure against unauthorized downloads. Every e-commerce store will be able to convert to an NFT store, but you can't yet make the switch on mainstream BlockchainRead More ››

levo avatarlevo7585
Good platform to create nft
19 Sep 2023

This platform I must say that an easy way to tokenized jpeg photos. I would recommend this to newbies who start to learn nft. Good thing is that there is instructions included in the website how you can tokenized your photo. Plus factor is that they added community link. Simple design for the website.Read More ››

copro14 avatarcopro147645
Useful and long-awaited service
11 Sep 2023

I remember a long time ago, when FIL first appeared, they promised such a service for storing and exchanging data, but now I found out that it has finally appeared, well, it’s good and I’m sure it will be in demand and increase the number of active users as Web3 grows. One thing is important, to be as careful as possible when using this market, because... inside the downloaded file, in addition to what you need, there may also be a hidden one that is infected, so take care of your fundsRead More ››

le avatarle12395
Nft encryption
04 Sep 2023

filemarket is a great tool to send encrypted data to in a fully decentralised way, basically it work as a protocol for tokenizing, storing, and swapping files in ecrypted manner. I like their idea because today we face concerns regarding mass surveillance and data mining, the demand for privacy-enhancing technologies becomes more significant.Read More ››

Gabrujaat avatarGabrujaat12830.4

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    FileMarket User Trust Reviews

    made by prosHigh
    28 Jun 2023

    i checked the platform and it looks legit and well made. they have roadmap, passed some security audits and have a strong communityRead More ››

    hypnogaba avatarhypnogaba80

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