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Gate Web3 Startup is a Web3 innovation project issuance platform. Users can easily participate in the Startup by connecting to the Gate Web3 Wallet and holding a designated amount of funds, receiving free tokens or NFT airdrops.

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Gate Startup
02 Dec 2023

This is really an mazing platform that Gate builds to support new project make a fast approach into huge of users. By orgnanizing lots of activities to attrack users, projects have more opportunity to develop and has a good starting point.Read More ››

Loanvan avatarLoanvan10875.3
Review Gate Startup
28 Nov 2023

I've recently delved into Gate Web3 Ventures, and I must say, it's leaving a positive impression on me. As a platform, it proves to be a valuable resource for discovering and engaging with emerging Web3 projects. What caught my attention first was the seamless user experience. Connecting my Gate Web3 Wallet and maintaining a specified fund balance made me eligible for complimentary tokens or NFT airdrops from newly launched projects, making the entire process remarkably user-friendly. The commitment to a rigorous vetting process for listed projects adds a layer of assurance to my investment decisions, assuring me that the projects have undergone thorough evaluation. In summary, Gate Web3 Ventures emerges as a compelling option for those seeking involvement in Web3 investments. Its user-friendly interface, diverse project selection, and the enticing prospect of airdrops make it a platform worth exploring. I would certainly recommend it to anyone eager to explore fresh avenues for investing in the Web3 space.Read More ››

Carlos Manuel Cabrera avatarCarlos Manuel Cabrera11390
Startup Platform of Gate.oi
24 Nov 2023

Gate Startup is a platform developed by the exchange. This is a token issuance platform for innovative Web3 projects. Users can easily join the Startup by connecting to Gate Web3 wallet and receive free token airdrop. You need to download or update the latest version of the App on your mobile device, then open and switch to Web3 wallet to use. This is a very useful application for crypto startups and users. I love this foundation!Read More ››

vonnguyen avatarvonnguyen8515
Good DApp
22 Nov 2023

Gate Web3 Startup is a helpful DApp. I can participate in the Startup easily and receive free tokens or NFT airdrops even if I am not an airdrop hunter. It is so great!Read More ››

tb9124 avatartb912412804.5
Gate start
19 Nov 2023

Gate Web3 Startup is one of the platforms that gives out airdrops if your balance is more than $100. The larger the deposit, the larger the drop you will receive. The usual scheme is used by most similar platforms. Easy to use and intuitiveRead More ››

miki54 avatarmiki549940
Launchpad from Gateio
16 Nov 2023

Gate Startup launcher from the well-known crypto exchange gateio. They conduct a very large number of token sales, most of which are priced at $0 per token, something very similar to airdrop, but some projects come out as usual with the purchase of a token. To participate, you need to hold the Gate token, the more you hold, the more chances you have to get an allocation.Read More ››

Ekaterina avatarEkaterina18795.6
15 Nov 2023

Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very nice Nice very niceRead More ››

Burak avatarBurak735
Empowering Innovation in Web3
14 Nov 2023

The onboarding process was a breeze. From installation to connecting my Gate Web3 Wallet, the steps were clear and user-friendly. The platform ensured a smooth setup, setting the tone for a positive exploration. The user interface was thoughtfully designed, offering a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. Features were easily accessible, and the overall layout enhanced the user experience. Gate Startup doesn't just facilitate participation; it elevates the experience. Connecting my Gate Web3 Wallet seamlessly integrated me into the Startup ecosystem, unlocking access to a range of projects and opportunities. Participating in Web3 projects became a straightforward endeavor. Holding a designated amount of funds in my connected Gate Web3 Wallet opened doors to free tokens and NFT airdrops. Gate Startup's innovative approach to engagement adds a layer of excitement to the Web3 ecosystem. Gate Startup not only caters to users but also extends support to developers. The platform's commitment to fostering innovation is evident, providing a conducive environment for developers to showcase their projects and engage with a wider audience.Read More ››

mumtazer avatarmumtazer7270

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    Gate Startup User Trust Reviews

    09 Nov 2023

    крутая площадка. давно пользюсь биржой,теперь еще и это. сказать что я в шоке сказать что не сказать маза факаRead More ››

    natash avatarnatash555
    Great appHigh
    08 Nov 2023

    Great app, very user friendly and usable, enjoyed using it, nice admins, promising community . very niceRead More ››

    excesssalt avatarexcesssalt760
    Good projectMedium
    08 Nov 2023

    Gate-startup is a great project for airdrop hunters.It is very easy to use, decent interface,just connect your wallet with designated amount of fund(minimum 100$) and you will be eligible for airdrop of new projects, But it is your luck if you get it or not as chances become less if you don't have assets in your wallet.A lot of projects are available where you can participateRead More ››

    Vikky avatarVikky165

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