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Optional privacy layer for on chain transactions

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About Houdini Swap

Houdini Swap allows a user, without connecting their wallet, to send crypto from 28 blockchains to a final address on any of the supported chains. The system protects the sender's privacy and breaks a connection between the sending and receiving wallet using a system built around automated CEX transactions and a privacy blockchain tunnel. The CEX partners are non KYC, allowing this process.

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Impressive Swap Speeds and Low Fees
29 Nov 2023

Houdini Swap emerges as a valuable addition to the DeFi space, addressing the growing demand for privacy-preserving on-chain transactions. Its user-friendly interface, impressive swap speeds, and diverse ecosystem support make it an attractive choice for DeFi users seeking a secure and anonymous transaction experience. As the platform continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it has the potential to become a leading player in the privacy-focused DeFi landscape.Read More ››

JOKER avatarJOKER8680.2
Cool DEX
14 Oct 2023

Cool DEX from a popular exchange! Everything works well, there are many different networks, in general I advise everyone to use it, it’s very convenient!Read More ››

crush avatarcrush6685
Houdini Swap
13 Oct 2023

I've used Houdini Swap to swap between a variety of different cryptocurrencies, and it's been really easy to use. The interface is simple and straightforward, and the fees are very reasonable. I'm also impressed with the speed of the transactions. Houdini Swap uses a system of automated CEX transactions, which means that my swaps are processed quickly and efficiently. Overall, I'm very happy with Houdini Swap. It's a great way to anonymize my blockchain transactions and protect my privacy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a secure and private way to swap cryptocurrencies.Read More ››

Frosik avatarFrosik9125
Easy to use and useful platform
01 Oct 2023

A very useful solution for those who often use cross-chain transactions, commission fee is actually not very high for such convenience and time saving, and for those who want to reduce it even more, they can simply stake the $POOF token, the more you stake the greater the discount you will receive , this is a classic, which by the way is also a good investment, because behaves quite stable and as the platform grows, in addition to a discount on swaps, it can also bring you profitRead More ››

le avatarle12455
A Privacy Tool for Crypto Transactions
18 Sep 2023

Houdini Swap is a service that allows users to send, swap, or bridge tokens anonymously using Monero as a tunnel between exchanges. It is a compliant and secure way to break the link between sender and receiver on public blockchains. I recommend Houdini Swap for anyone who values their privacy and wants to avoid exposing their wallet information.Read More ››

AcE avatarAcE9125
Privacy with Houdini Swap
17 Sep 2023

This is really good, i used it to hide my sensitive transactions, i dont know any project yet that provide this feature, good work!Read More ››

Gao avatarGao11555.2
15 Sep 2023

Houdini Swap is a groundbreaking platform that offers users an innovative way to send cryptocurrency across 28 different blockchains to a final address on any supported chain, all without the need to connect their wallet. What truly sets Houdini Swap apart is its unwavering commitment to user privacy and security. The system's ability to protect the sender's privacy and sever the link between the sending and receiving wallets is a testament to its dedication to anonymity. This is achieved through a clever system that relies on automated transactions on centralized exchanges (CEX) and a privacy blockchain tunnel. The fact that Houdini Swap partners with non-KYC (Know Your Customer) CEX platforms adds an extra layer of privacy and convenience. It means that users can enjoy the benefits of privacy and security without the need for extensive identity verification processes. In a world where privacy and security are paramount, Houdini Swap is a game-changer. It offers a unique and powerful solution for crypto enthusiasts and users who value their privacy. By enabling seamless and private cross-chain transactions, Houdini Swap is redefining how we think about cryptocurrency transfers. Join the Houdini Swap community and experience a new level of privacy and freedom in the crypto world!Read More ››

neprokatit avatarneprokatit6145
15 Sep 2023

This is an application used to exchange tokens. I like waterlogged used because of its security. I believe privately Store and use to exchange tokensRead More ››

dusty77 avatardusty771780

POOF Token Price Chart (Real Time)

Token Statistics
  • Market Cap$13,073,511.00
  • Volume$42,626.00
  • Circulating Supply48,108,083.14
  • Max Supply100,000,000
  • FDMC$27,175,291

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