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Multi-chain DeFi solution, DEX-Aggregaor, Bridge

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About IceCreamSwap

Trade anything anywhere, hassle free Seamless trading on many chains with the best rates thanks to the built-in DEX aggregator. Bridge securely between many chains. IceCreamSwap allows direct bridging between many chains with its audited and battle tested smart contracts. The unique built-in faucet automatically. With liquidity farms, you can boost your passive income APY for liquidity provision.

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IceCreamSwap Review Score by Real Users

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nice app
01 Dec 2023

APPLICATION easy to use, easy to understand for beginners in web3.0, layout rather well done.. a. to tryRead More ››

mickinsey avatarmickinsey11355
25 Nov 2023

has many networks but not all, nice design and multifunctional customization, as well as the possibility of trading, staking and participating in launchpads.Read More ››

heartbeating avatarheartbeating9070
The Interface
20 Nov 2023

Love the UI/UX of this app. Great work and keep it up team.. Hopefully, the good services will continue Read More ››

Oceanwavye avatarOceanwavye3005
Review IceCreamSwap
14 Nov 2023

It offers seamless trading on multiple chains, thanks to its integrated DEX aggregator that guarantees the best rates. Security is highlighted with audited smart contracts for a reliable multi-chain bridge. Its unique auto-tap feature makes it easy to get tokens. Additionally, liquidity farms provide the opportunity to increase passive income with competitive APY rates. A comprehensive experience that stands out for its versatility and security.Read More ››

Carlos Manuel Cabrera avatarCarlos Manuel Cabrera11975
DEX on Core DAO
12 Nov 2023

IceCreamSwap is a DEX with clean design, it supports multi chain but most liquidity is on Core DAO. Many features integrated to this dapp like trading, bridging, KYC... => If you find a DEX on Core DAO then here it is. Other chain is not recommend by me. P/S: Not financial advice. DYOR.Read More ››

nam3t avatarnam3t9770
09 Nov 2023

Ice cream swap is decentralized exchange same like other dex like uniswap. It have native token called ice. So many chains available to bridge. Interface is cool ❤️Read More ››

Metaverse avatarMetaverse10175
08 Nov 2023

Great app, very user friendly and usable, enjoyed using it, nice admins, promising community . very niceRead More ››

excesssalt avatarexcesssalt760
My review about IceCreamSwap
08 Nov 2023

The greatest dex project on the Core Chain Network, without a doubt. Support is available, and token trades on the Core chain are quick and error-free. I'm quite fond of this DAPP. It accepts a wide variety of currencies and chains. Furthermore, it exhibits stability when it comes to trading pairings. The user interface is elegant, straightforward, and basic.Read More ››

dochithanh avatardochithanh12817.5

IceCreamSwap Magic Store Trust Score

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    IceCreamSwap User Trust Reviews

    08 Nov 2023

    Great app, very user friendly and usable, enjoyed using it, nice admins, promising community . very niceRead More ››

    excesssalt avatarexcesssalt760
    I trust icecreamswapHigh
    06 Nov 2023

    My trust level on the icecreamswap platform is on a high level, same project that warned against some projects they saw to be fake and were right. It's a great project to useRead More ››

    Obasogie Bullington Edoba avatarObasogie Bullington Edoba2055
    good lookingHigh
    05 Nov 2023

    the app is good looking. it has all the quality of a crypto project. with the discords, twitter account and many others.Read More ››

    Lukman avatarLukman65
    nice oneMedium
    05 Nov 2023

    it was easy to use without issues. I loved the experience. Making it more used will be good, awareness or more marketing/partnership is advicedRead More ››

    Tolasashi avatarTolasashi2865
    05 Nov 2023

    Nice looking app. The icon looks good as well. Swap feature present wen bridge future or did I miss it. Read More ››

    TECO avatarTECO110

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