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Perpetual Dex on BNB and opBNB

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KiloEx is building the next generation of user-friendly perpetual DEX focused on risk management and capital efficiency. Its platform offers lightning-fast trades and an intuitive trading experience with a wide range of trading pairs, while offering liquidity providers risk-neutral positions and LP-friendly solutions.

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User Friendly Perp Exchange
02 Dec 2023

KiloEx is good perpetual exchange, you can trade some ALTS there with 20x leverage. They support currently about 20 solid trading pairs. The newly supported OpBnb chain that they integrated makes it very cheap to use the exchange the gas fees are neglectable and can focus on trading. The one thing that I personally like is the kUSDT, it's stable coin that earns from the interest of the exchange. I earned 7% in 5 days with it. You can lose too, but If you invest long enough the chance is very small.Read More ››

Didi avatarDidi12565
A good DEX for trading
02 Dec 2023

A good DEX for trading, there is an airdrop, you can earn points for daily login, you will receive points for trading above $1000 and depositing above $100. The minus in this system is that points for daily login will be issued only when you have more than 35 points. In this way, you have to trade any amount.Read More ››

Satoru Gojo avatarSatoru Gojo7698.6
01 Dec 2023

I have seen this project and used for trading to accumulate some points and i really liked its interface and easiness, with just one click you can switch from original chart to trading view chart. I haven't faced any issue. Btw binance labs has invested in it and they are having a airdrop also, you can start accumulating points from today. good luck.Read More ››

Gabrujaat avatarGabrujaat12665.4
Good perp on BNB
29 Nov 2023

If you are a trader using margin trading and you do not want to use centralized exchanges, then KiloEx may be ideal for you. A stunningly user-friendly interface for trading, a large selection of assets for trading, fast operation speed. The project is supported by Binance and I think it has a good future.Read More ››

Rafael avatarRafael12149.4
Review KiloEx
27 Nov 2023

I like the innovative platform that they are developing. The rapid execution of operations and the experience of intuitive trading with a wide range of peers are remarkable, giving me efficiency and diversification in my investments. The approach to risk management and capital efficiency provides a safe environment, and the supply of neutral risk positions for liquidity suppliers is a unique advantage. I appreciate accessibility and friendly solutions for liquidity suppliers, but I would like more transparency in the composition of the funds to make more informed decisions. In general, it is presented as a promising platform, offering speed and security, although transparency could be improved to strengthen user trust.Read More ››

Carlos Manuel Cabrera avatarCarlos Manuel Cabrera11595
27 Nov 2023

recently had the opportunity to explore KiloEx, and I must say, it's a groundbreaking platform that truly lives up to its promise of being the next generation of user-friendly perpetual DEX. The focus on risk management and capital efficiency sets iloEx apart in the world of decentralized exchanges. iloEx's platform impressed me with its lightning-fast trade execution and an exceptionally intuitive trading experience. The wide range of available trading pairs ensures that users have ample options to explore and diversify their portfolios. The emphasis on providing liquidity providers with risk-neutral positions and LP-friendly solutions is a game-changer, adding an extra layer of appeal to the platform. In summary, KiloEx is not just a decentralized exchange; it's a platform that redefines the standards of user experience, risk management, and capital efficiency in the crypto space. Kudos to the KiloEx team for their innovative approach, and I look forward to witnessing the continued evolution of this remarkable serviceRead More ››

skorbutus avatarskorbutus6790
KiloEx Perp dApp
25 Nov 2023

I would like to say good words, but this management and DAO creation process alienated me from the project.Read More ››

Yoyo avatarYoyo2900
25 Nov 2023

i have been trading futures on kiloex for 2 weeks. Pretty good experience, user-friendly interface, seamless transactions, very fast opening and closing orders. The platform supports many networks, but if you choose opbnb network, the fee is very cheap (almost zero). Very special with DEX exchange.Read More ››

Tranngocde avatarTranngocde11290

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    KiloEx User Trust Reviews

    21 Nov 2023

    Very good app ................................................................................... ;)

    Brzo avatarBrzo790
    20 Nov 2023

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    aikcheal avataraikcheal2460
    This is the futureHigh
    19 Nov 2023

    Got my attention. Intuitive interface, easy to use. This is the future for the perpetual DEX user. Will keep an eye on it.Read More ››

    DUM777 avatarDUM7771425
    Good vLow
    19 Nov 2023

    Gg ar tog fhh fjjv fyjjv gjjkc jhfc khdcv juuffj. Jknnddu kjcbn jhbn jifhmb jgb kjfgb kfv jjfn kjcb jgbbRead More ››

    Naim avatarNaim80
    KiloEx (DEX) PerpetualHigh
    18 Nov 2023

    KiloEx (DEX) focused on delivering a user-friendly experience, perpetual trading options, and a robust commitment to effective risk management and capital efficiency. Read More ››

    LEOPARD avatarLEOPARD3165

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