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Cross-platform, animated combat, TCG

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About Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is a cross-platform, animated combat, trading card game. It's available to play on PC & Mobile. Equip a deck of 30 cards from varying rarities to take into battle. Reduce the enemy hero’s health to zero while protecting your own hero and claim victory!

Kingdom Karnage Review Score by Real Gamers

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Kingdom Karnage Review
02 Dec 2023

The game is quite attractive, guys! The graphics are beautiful and easy to play, so you can even play the game for the first time! The way to earn gems and items is also quite easy to understand and generally ok Read More ››

hanhkinh1 avatarhanhkinh17595
Good choice to spend time
01 Dec 2023

Good graphics, intuitively simple and clear gameplay. Captivating for hours)) You can play at home on pc and also you can play in other places you are on phone or tabletRead More ››

Vitality14 avatarVitality142685
Good Game
01 Dec 2023

Recently, I delved into the world of Kingdom Karnage, and I must say, I'm impressed! The stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and strategic depth make it an immersive experience. The play-to-earn model adds an exciting dimension, and the active community is both welcoming and supportive. Kingdom Karnage is a must-try for any gaming enthusiast!Read More ››

Yammy avatarYammy8180
About Kingdom Kanachi, I think t
01 Dec 2023

About Kingdom Kanachi, I think this game is very interesting. It is a cross platform, animated battle, and card trading game. It is very convenient to play not only on a PC, but also on mobile phones. The game rules are very simple, and there is also a Play To Earn mode, which is very attractive to me. The only thing I think needs improvement is that the visuals still need to be more exquisite.Read More ››

535839487 avatar53583948712159.6
Good game
01 Dec 2023

One thing I like about Kingdom Karnage is that the game is simple and easy to play but very difficult for me to master. I played it and I felt like I was living in the age of the old world. I also like the game's graphics because it is very cute and the interface is eye-catching. A must-play for any gaming enthusiast!Read More ››

VuVu avatarVuVu11645
great game
01 Dec 2023

i love the idea of this game ,very nice and developed well with a great team and road map behind it .Read More ››

sartawi avatarsartawi2195
Good game
29 Nov 2023

I like the game. Great strategy. I've been playing the game for a long time. I have already developed my strategy. I bought several heroes.Read More ››

Vzorg avatarVzorg40
game reviews
29 Nov 2023

I think this game is very easy to play, highly entertaining, and combines great characters together . I hope the game will have more powerful movesRead More ››

binhphuong avatarbinhphuong1105

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    Kingdom Karnage User Trust Reviews

    28 Nov 2023

    Smooth graphics and gameplay. Immersive and intense, the game captures the essence of war with striking realism. From the chaotic battlefields to the strategic decisions, every moment feels significant. The graphics are stunning, evoking the gritty reality of conflict, while the sound design immerses you in the tension of combat. The game mechanics offer a challenging yet rewarding experience, requiring thoughtful tactics and quick reflexes. The storyline is gripping, portraying the human side of war, showcasing sacrifice and camaraderie amidst the chaos. However, at times, the pacing feels slightly rushed, impacting the depth of character development. Overall, it's a compelling journey into the harrowing landscapes of war, delivering an adrenaline-pumping experience that lingers long after the final battle. A must try ! Read More ››

    Ahmed avatarAhmed1610
    25 Nov 2023

    This game is crazy good..good graphics and gameplay..must try ! This is the game you were waiting for...go test itRead More ››

    AymenGVA avatarAymenGVA1435
    Play and earn.High
    08 Aug 2023

    I think Kingdom Karnage is a fantastic game with a lot of interesting elements. I wholeheartedly advise giving it a try if you're looking for a card battle game that provides both an engaging challenge and pleasant rewards.Read More ››

    Ivars avatarIvars13892.1
    Очень крутая игра!Medium
    07 Aug 2023

    Добрый день) хотел бы поделиться своим мнением по поводу данной игры, очень крутая графика даю 5 баллов, очень кайфанул! Очень хорошо прорисованы все персоонажи, есть режим PVP, есть режим PVE, что очень обрадовало, но жалко что она на английском языке, трудновато по началу было все переводить через переводчик, поэтому и поставил 4 балла( но я разобрался и заняло мне это 30минут) вообщем жду обновления на Русском 😊Read More ››

    Arsolbro avatarArsolbro90
    Best card gameHigh
    06 Jun 2023

    Love this very addictive game, strategy with a pinch of chance! ..different modes, auction house, real pvp... and new features always coming... Join the crew and let's have fun!Read More ››

    oiljam avataroiljam16.7

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