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A security-first lending protocol on BNB Chain.

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About Kinza Finance

Kinza Finance is the next-generation decentralized lending protocol on BNB Chain. Kinza Finance is non-custodial, permissionless, secure, and incorporates cutting-edge DeFi mechanisms and solutions to offer users a flexible and highly customizable DeFi lending experience. Built-in mechanisms and rewards incentivize participation, and innovative tokenomics ensure unparalleled sustainability.

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nice app
01 Dec 2023

simple to use application, easy to understand for beginners in web3.0, layout rather well done.. a. to tryRead More ››

mickinsey avatarmickinsey11270
BNBChain lending
19 Nov 2023

I like Kinza Finance, I used this landing page about a couple of weeks ago. I keep my BNB there. There were no problems when using Kinza Finance, only positive emotions. By the way, Kinza Finance presents a large number of assets for supply and borrow.Read More ››

Ekaterina avatarEkaterina18795.6
18 Nov 2023

Kinza finance good platform currently running point system i have stake some usdt I hope in future I get airdrop Read More ››

chetan avatarchetan10155
Interesting project Kinza
17 Nov 2023

A very interesting project, this is a lending protocol that allows you to give, liquidate and receive bonuses in the form of a retrodrop, which has already been announced. And also to borrow funds against this liquidity. A good and interesting project and good financing.Read More ››

Satoru Gojo avatarSatoru Gojo7698.6
not bad
13 Nov 2023

Kinza Finance is a groundbreaking DeFi lending platform that enhances user security by allowing lenders to withhold collateral from borrowers. This also curbs short-selling opportunities and fosters a fair trading environment. Additionally, early liquidity providers can claim KZA tokens through a unique "retrodrop" mechanism, incentivizing their support.Read More ››

Yoyo avatarYoyo2900
Binance backed
11 Nov 2023

Kinza Finance is a very good landing protocol built on BNB. The main investor is Binace. The project has an airdrop program, during which users can earn airdrop points, which will be exchanged for platform tokens in the future. You can throw TUSD and BNB into Helio, take snBNB there and stake in Kinza. Thus, you can farm 2 drops at once.Read More ››

Rafael avatarRafael12149.4
Kinza Finance
07 Nov 2023

Great job ,Kinza Finance sounds absolutely incredible.The team works very actively, guiding users to understand each project in detail before experiencing that project.As an investor, I'm always on the lookout for disruptive platforms that challenge the status quo. Kinza Finance's emphasis on security, flexibility, and innovation makes it a promising contender. Looking forward to deep-diving into its potential.Although it is still in its early stages, I see great potential and see a future in it. Its focus on security and customization makes it a good choice for DeFi lending on BNB Chain. I really like this way of working.Read More ››

todkras avatartodkras12357.4
Good Lending Platform
07 Nov 2023

Kinza Finance is a Lending platform built on BNB Chain using Solidly's ve(3,3) model to attract initial users. The goal of the project is to connect liquidity, attract users by providing Real Yield as well as improve governance and security of the protocol. With Kinza Finance, the lender will receive a portion of the interest paid from the borrower. In addition, borrowers also have the opportunity to receive an amount of KZA tokens as incentive rewards. Kinza Finance is one of the projects that won the MVB VI program organized by Binance Labs and was invested by this investment fund in August 2023. This is a good project that deserves attention from the community!Read More ››

vonnguyen avatarvonnguyen8520

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