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An immersive blockchain-powered strategy game!

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About Kryptoria

An immersive blockchain-powered strategy game, built on Ethereum With a fully-explorable Unity world and ownership of all in-game assets denoted by dynamic NFTs, Beta went live in December ‘22 and has seen over 200,000 battles in the months since. Build your empire, upgrade your NFTs, and earn tokens. Look forward to Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal coming next year as well!

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  • AvatarzoraaYes
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  • AvatartankasddYes
  • AvatarAnton_oOYes
  • AvatarYuginYes
  • AvatarGIGOYes
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  • AvatarDipperlongerNo
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22 Nov 2023

It's a well-crafted strategy game with decent equipment that isn't overpowered, great character designs, and excellent overall controls. My initial impression of the game was favorable. The creators invested time and care into the art design. Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarmosk_alen11300.00
16 Nov 2023

After completing the campaign and part of the post-game stuff on an average level, I have a solid sense of the average gameplay. The main game is an excellent blend of well-balanced but challenging gameplay, and a pleasant and distinct art style.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarlilanepang11061.20
16 Nov 2023

It is a fantastic strategy game that I suggest to almost everyone. The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is decent enough to entertain you. Excellent match for unwinding after a long day or on a day off!Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarAJP8438211865.90
great game
18 Oct 2023

they know this work. kryptoria happened grat gaöe. Thank you team. I love reaaly this game. enjoy powerfull. I am happy.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarmhmt_dnc10930.00
king game
04 Oct 2023

kryptoria is amazing games. i fall in lober. Its amazing. i am playing everday. you must try it and be use it :)Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarmhmt_dnc10930.00
15 Sep 2023

A very beautiful and unusual blockchain game. What surprised me was the dynamic NFTs in this game. I didn’t think that it was possible to change the NFT after minting, but there is such an opportunity.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatardusty771780.00
new user
04 Sep 2023

Kryptoria is a massive multiplayer online strategy game set in an incredible 3D world built using Unity. All game assets including Alpha Citizens, land and weapons live on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs. Those who mint Alpha Citizens will be able to claim one free land (AKA “map tiles”) and one free weapon per Alpha Citizen they hold.We wanted to build a game that will not only be fun and immersive, but would bring our community together in a shared experience. We have fond memories of playing games with our friends when we were younger. That sense of camaraderie that you get from trading with friends. The banter from battling with fellow players. And of course, the sense of family. The advent of Blockchain is ushering in a new era for gaming. Players will be able to own their game assets and take those assets out of a game, to sell, trade or use elsewhere. As we see more interoperability in the space, the ability for players to choose where they use their assets will expand. This will turn into a fluid, frictionless experience for players to move in, around and across blockchains, games and metaverses they love. The first iteration of our game will bring together both web based UI as well as an incredible world built in the Unity game engine.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarVadym_Polishchuk2125.00
02 Sep 2023

Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal is an exhilarating strategy game underpinned by blockchain technology on the Ethereum platform. It offers players a fully immersive Unity-based world, and all in-game assets are distinguished by dynamic NFTs, ensuring ownership. The beta version was launched in December '22 and has witnessed over 120,000 battles in just three months. In this game, you have the opportunity to construct your empire, enhance your NFTs, and earn tokens. The full release of Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal is slated for the second half of 2023, promising to set even higher standards in the gaming realm.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarANN9310290.00

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    Kryptoria User Trust Reviews

    09 Aug 2023

    Trust through transparency, and they've earned it from me. Great game and an AWESOME project. I love the community, the team, and the founders backing it all. To ALL of you, THANK YOU!Read More ››

    Reviewer's avatarfeelzphun1115.00
    Good ProjectMedium
    05 Aug 2023

    Really great project! Many thanks for giving us such a project! I hope and expect that the project will go far in the future.🥳🥳vRead More ››

    Reviewer's avataraziz14809405.00

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