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🦙Llama X 🕹️contests = 🥳 happy and chill time.

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About Llama Land

Llama Land, a game world where you can compete in various events and use your strategic skills to choose the right llama for each competition.

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Llama Land
27 Oct 2023

Excellent pvp game. I like how everyone has different equipment. Other games require you to choose the same gear path as everyone else. The pvp is straightforward and enjoyable. The presentation of combat statistics is also superb, and the sound is compelling. Read More ››

lisonesunshine avatarlisonesunshine12190
Llama Land
13 Oct 2023

Great game project! With beautiful graphics, creative gameplay and diverse missions, this game will definitely bring players exciting moments of entertainment.Read More ››

duonganhken avatarduonganhken8230
Llama Land -Where Our Story Begins
09 Oct 2023

After play Llama Land, i can see The aim of the game is to build up your farm estate and collect resources which allow you to feed llamas. The llamas are worth points themselves, and careful placement of your llama meeples will also help you to achieve all the objective cards as well. Each turn you take a piece from the supply and place it however you like either on the table orthogonally adjacent to extend the base of your estate. Or you can build upwards.Read More ››

nguyenbaluong avatarnguyenbaluong17300
Llama Land
02 Oct 2023

The graphics and interface of this game are great. I believe this game will explode in the future. I will invite my friends to join the game.Read More ››

shamicha avatarshamicha8175
Llama Land Enjoy when play it
21 Sep 2023

I very enjoy Llama Land when play it, Llamas are a creature that many people have a great affection for – basically because they’re weird fluffy things who look like a kind of wool-loaf when they sit down. I might come to love them slightly less as they get in the way of your expanding farmland.Read More ››

phamlengochue avatarphamlengochue12450
Revew game!
21 Sep 2023

After playing this game, I really like it. It gives me a feeling of excitement when playing the gameRead More ››

pickay avatarpickay7735
Good game
14 Sep 2023

The game is great, I liked it right from the interface, everything is very beautiful, will explode in the future, thank you developer!Read More ››

pichter avatarpichter7685
09 Sep 2023

Cute animation, also mechanism of game is simple, easy to play even kids maybe will interest too and can play. Fit for reduce stressRead More ››

mynoduesP avatarmynoduesP11922

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    Llama Land User Trust Reviews

    Llama LandMedium
    05 Jul 2023

    This is a classic p2e game with p2p elements. Collect your digital animals. conduct battles with each other and loot. Recommended for all llama lovers.Read More ››

    Dato1st avatarDato1st11645
    05 Jul 2023

    It is a good project and the most interesting thing is that when you play you are earning tokens, generating enthusiasm for the competitor.Read More ››

    shukran123 avatarshukran1232590
    Llama Land in interesting project.High
    01 Jul 2023

    It is a good project and the most interesting thing is that when you play you are earning tokens, generating enthusiasm for the competitor.Read More ››

    Aguerrido avatarAguerrido3660
    30 Jun 2023

    Nice project, I like this project very much and also very excited for the future of this project 😁😁Read More ››

    Aauro avatarAauro8120
    Good projectLow
    29 Jun 2023

    Easy to use like it's working very good no lags no bugs no any problem I am very happy to see this typ workRead More ››

    Nitin avatarNitin1155

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