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RPG battler game with play-to-earn

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About Lords of the Arena

Welcome to the "Lords of the Arena"! Fight other players in epic and thrilling battles. Become a Lord and lead powerful heroes. Gather your own team, find unique loot and make your way to the glory! Can you manage to become the best Lord in this new strategy game?

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Lords of the Arena
22 Nov 2023

This game with a play-to-earn concept, featuring a vibrant comic book cast, boasts engaging gameplay, impressive visuals, and improved stability, making it a more enjoyable and less frustrating experience, although occasional crashes still persist.Read More ››

Damnational avatarDamnational8425.2
Lords of the Arena
22 Nov 2023

The new levels that boost mana at different levels, as are the new classes and opponents, are brilliant. Continue your excellent job.A fun and beautiful card game, it requires you to take a highly strategic stance and know the characters and manage them well in order to be successful. I love how you break down how the game worksRead More ››

todkras avatartodkras12047.4
12 Nov 2023

The combat system is exceptionally sophisticated, enjoyable, and engaging in every aspect except one. My thorough enjoyment was only hindered by the leveling system. I suggest that specific cards should be tied to level goals for specific classes, adding a layer of engagement and excitement to the process of collecting them all. Overall, an excellent game! Best wishes for its continued success!Read More ››

ANN93 avatarANN9310295
18 Oct 2023

its a very interesting and simple game concept, Players have to collect and combine cards to create the strongest deck in order to fight their enemies.Read More ››

Azarii avatarAzarii5885
Not my type
17 Oct 2023

Lords of the Arena seemed to me a boring game, the game looks like it is no longer being played, no tournaments and campaigns are being held. Lords of the Arena does not have an iOS or Android mobile app, which in my opinion is not a very good indicator today. You can only play from the browser or the R2 client.Read More ››

Rafael avatarRafael12144.4
So great game
16 Oct 2023

This game a delightful game with several layers of strategy. it has been significantly updated and enhanced. The new levels that boost mana at different levels, as are the new classes and opponents, are brilliant. Continue your excellent job.Read More ››

Fun gameplay
14 Oct 2023

Fun gameplay, RPG battler game with play-to-earn style, starring a comic book cast. Overall well drawn and well animated, and controls smoothly. I originally had a lot of issues with the game crashing and losing lots of progress to the point I gave up in frustration, but I'm pleased to see some of the issues have been addressed. It still crashes, though not nearly as frequently, and when it does, the dungeon does not reset. Anyway, it's playable now!Read More ››

datdrummer avatardatdrummer11990
Lords of the Arena
12 Oct 2023

Fun and challenging game. They have focused on building an engaging storyline, beautiful graphics and vivid sound, creating an ideal game space for players to explore and enjoy. Wishing you hours of relaxation and fun with this game project!Read More ››

pickay avatarpickay7720

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