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Crypto-payment and tokenized loyalty app

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About LYZI

LYZI bridges the world of crypto with the real world. LYZI is a crypto-payment app connected to major regulated exchanges, enabling users of these exchanges to access and make payments using their spot wallet funds through the LYZI app within the LYZI merchant network, which includes over 1,000 shops. LYZI also provides the opportunity for brands to create their own tokenized loyalty programs(NFT)

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simplifying payments
25 Nov 2023

Unfortunately this is not available for my region, but it seems to be a great app, it is as simple as using UPI apps but the only difference is, You send crypto and receiver gets the fiat, All the conversion hassles are handled by the app itself and additionally people can get 1-3 % cash backs on their purchase. So I think it is great app that simplifies the crypto payments for people who don't find it easy to handle crypto transactions. Read More ››

Gabrujaat avatarGabrujaat12665.4
loved it
23 Nov 2023

fdasf wwf wfwdf wfw swf wwf fwrs fwfwq fwfwwreq geqrgerqg wwr gwreg sfwgweqr grwrew gr rwwfwd fwr gerwgehgRead More ››

boxer avatarboxer2355
Lyzi App is an innovative project
16 Nov 2023

Lyzi App is an innovative project that aims to revolutionize personal finance management by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. With a focus on simplicity, user-friendliness, and data-driven insights, Lyzi App offers a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to take control of their financial lives. The project's standout feature is its AI-powered financial assistant, which helps users track their expenses, set budgets, and identify saving opportunities. By analyzing users' financial data, Lyzi App offers personalized recommendations to help them make smarter decisions and achieve their financial goals. Lyzi App's active presence on Twitter (@Lyzi_app) demonstrates their commitment to keeping users informed about the latest product updates, financial tips, and engaging with their growing community. In summary, Lyzi App is a promising project that harnesses the potential of AI and machine learning to simplify personal finance management. With its intuitive interface, data-driven insights, and personalized recommendations, Lyzi App is set to make a significant impact on the way individuals manage their finances.Read More ››

crush avatarcrush6520
16 Nov 2023

this app supports binance pay and integrates with shopify, easy2play, woo comerce is a good step in accepting cryptocurrency payments. As for the mechanism apps themselves, I think they are easy to use, for payment they have 2 options to scan the payment or generate a code, and they also have a research menu whose function is to search for stores and e-stores that support this payment.Read More ››

miki54 avatarmiki549940
16 Nov 2023

Lyzi is a user-friendly app that makes it easy to pay with cryptocurrency in the real world. It makes our lives easier.Read More ››

Lee avatarLee6205
Good payment platform
16 Nov 2023

lyzi is an unlimited payment platform that supports many different cryptocurrencies. Lyzi cooperates with Binance Pay, this is a great potential that helps lyzi become the leading payment gateway in Europe. With our convenient application, you can buy and sell easily and quickly.Read More ››

phuongdi avatarphuongdi3660
Potential payment gateway
16 Nov 2023

Lyzi is a limitless payment platform with over 70 cryptocurrencies at over 1,500 stores and partnered with Binance Pay taking crypto payments to the next level in Europe. With Lyzi's convenient application, you can easily exchange and buy cryptocurrencies right on the app. Lyzi will be a leading payment platform in the future.Read More ››

daotak211 avatardaotak2114995
Lyzi is underrated!
16 Nov 2023

It's a marketplace where you can use your crypto as a payment, and with lyzi, you can rewards/points that gives you a good deal. nice work!Read More ››

Gao avatarGao11310.2

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  • Volume$2,400.12
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  • Max Supply550,000,000
  • FDMC$17,855,687

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    Real World use caseHigh
    09 Nov 2023

    This brings can bring about endless possibilities, LYZI is a crypto-payment app connected to major regulated exchanges, enabling users of these exchanges to access and make payments using their spot wallet funds through the LYZI app within the LYZI merchant network, which includes over 1,000 shopsRead More ››

    Lexzee avatarLexzee1485

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