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About Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes is built on this social and technological background with the aim of reducing global environmental pollution by encouraging people to incorporate essential activities such as walking, running, or cycling into their daily lives. It brings the concept of earning money while freely participating and moving. Moreover, Magic Shoes is a unique NFT project on the Polygon network, allowing peo

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There is a nuance
21 Nov 2023

Did something happen to this app? I can’t figure it out, the page in the medium is missing (PAGE NOT FOUND 404), there is still a pinned tweet on Twitter saying that the discord was hacked, the post is from July 31, have they still not restored access or forgot to remove this pinned post, or is the application already dead?Read More ››

le avatarle12330
Magic Shoes
21 Nov 2023

Excellent app with great features. It truly pushed me to walk more. It's a terrific platform for donations and inspiration to walk more or get fitness. I highly suggest it!Read More ››

mosk_alen avatarmosk_alen11885
Game and concept is alright
20 Nov 2023

Everything about this game is already great. Game and concept is alright. App UX however, not so much. While the UI itself is pretty clean and its easy to navigate around, when you get more sneakers, one basic option seems to be missing.. Setting one sneaker as a default. Some may end up accidentally using a low level sneaker because of this.Read More ››

datdrummer avatardatdrummer11995
Magic Shoes
17 Nov 2023

I enjoy the app's premise and the several methods to earn drops. The most recent upgrade undoubtedly boosted the chance of making cryptocurrency. It works great, and you may get rewards soon. You don't have to do anything but have the app open on your mobile. It comes highly recommended by me.Read More ››

AJP84382 avatarAJP8438212450.9
Great one.
09 Oct 2023

I'm thrilled to see how Magic Shoes is inspiring individuals to seamlessly integrate physical activity into their daily routines, all while reaping fantastic rewards. It's truly a remarkable concept that benefits not only our health but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to immerse myself in the enchanting world of Magic Shoes and embark on this exciting journey towards improved well-being and a greener planet!Read More ››

Damnational avatarDamnational8900.2
Move to earn
07 Oct 2023

Similar with step app, they based move to earn and combined with NFT, shorty user can buy NFT shoes by earn from moving. This will suitable with sport hobby or somebody work in field.Read More ››

mynoduesP avatarmynoduesP11462
Magic Shoes
04 Oct 2023

I love how Magic Shoes is encouraging people to incorporate physical activities into their daily lives, all while earning rewards. It's a win-win situation - better health and a greener world. Looking forward to experiencing the magic with Magic Shoes!Read More ››

cilginhamsi53 avatarcilginhamsi536865
I hope this Magic Shoes dApp won't disa
02 Oct 2023

I only learned about Magic Shoes through the YouTube Magic Store. I am very grateful to the Magic Store video for letting me understand and know about this project. I will download it and use it. I hope this Magic Shoes dApp won't disappoint me.Read More ››

535839487 avatar53583948712159.6

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    Magic Shoes User Trust Reviews

    Perfect applicationHigh
    13 Sep 2023

    Great platform, so happy to be here. Incredible feature, activities and environment. Been looking for such projects for a while now So glad I ve gotten itRead More ››

    JMF avatarJMF125

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