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A Revolutionary Match3 Game

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About MatchNova

Easy to learn, Instant FUN. MatchNova is a Match3 game that bridges Web2 users to Web3 through interactive gaming.

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Validation Score4.9

  • yes97%

  • no3%

1805 Votes

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  • AvatarDvanboYes
  • AvataryongthanyeeYes
  • AvatarhisenbergYes
  • AvatarninjatoolYes
  • AvatarSefchik777Yes
  • AvatarYantraYes
  • AvatarrazoYes
  • AvatarcornNo
  • AvatarVen4egYes
  • AvatarmaikhoaYes
  • AvataronixiaYes
  • AvatarTom_011076Yes
  • AvatarAlqambraYes
  • AvatarsashashoikoYes
  • AvatarRezahoNo
  • AvatarValenzYes
  • AvatarRananditYes
  • AvatarCrypto_PinguinoYes
  • AvatarnicheajaYes
  • AvatarMisterKYes

MatchNova Review Score by Real Gamers

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175 Total
The games is nice
03 Nov 2023

The games is nice. I mean its not bad. The whole bad connection thing sucks a bit. But I've enjoyed it. Still am playing it! I hope more stuff gets added. Energy system is chill. Love the idea of playing against a real person and guessing their moves. It's sad when you lose your card/per but it makes sense. Trophy system is nice. It's a nice concept played out in a simplistic mannor! It's noticable its still in development but it's still very entertaining.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatardatdrummer11375.00
01 Nov 2023

Arrange the gems into rows of 5 which is what you do when playing this game. It's really interesting. Sometimes it even explodes and wins big. Its gameplay is really similar to the Candy Crush game I used to play. But it may be more attractive, the later levels are more difficult. Requires us to think a lot. Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarthanhho17560.20
09 Oct 2023

I've only recently begun playing this game, but it's not tough. I'm not singing from the same place as everyone else. But I see nothing wrong with this game; all people need to do is enjoy it. I'm giving you five stars since I loved it, and it was pretty easy.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarblafea11235.00
09 Oct 2023

It's super simple and relaxing, which I need on a little work break. It assists me in de-stressing. I love the simple colors! I enjoy playing the same level repeatedly to teach myself the most straightforward approach to complete that level before going on to the next and continuing the process with each new level.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarmosk_alen11300.00
08 Oct 2023

Exciting game. It's pretty simple to play. The instructions at the start of each level make it quite fascinating to determine your goal. I adore the game. It's entertaining. I awarded it five stars since they are amazing. It allows me to unwind. Congratulations to the developers.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarlilanepang11061.20
08 Oct 2023

This game is entertaining for me. I'm not compelled to buy anything. Instead, I decided to seek a game. It is simple to become trapped on a level, which may be irritating. I appreciate a good challenge but get frustrated when trapped in a story for days.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarlisonesunshine11065.00
07 Oct 2023

It is an enjoyable, relaxing game. There's no need to race the clock. It does not annoy you with ads every 30 seconds. It lets you click on matches down the screen while new tiles from previous games fall. You also don't have to wait for all of the future matches to finish if you don't want to. Everything is fine.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarNatulaTamara11045.00
05 Oct 2023

The game's interface is beautiful and has many colors. I really like the colors of the game. It's very eye-catchingRead More ››

Reviewer's avatarpichter7610.00

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