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About Megaton Finance

Megaton Finance is not just an AMM mechanism protocol that provides revenue. We expect that Megaton Finance will become the gateway to Web 3.0 through continued upgrades and integration with Telegram in the future.

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Validation Score4.3

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133359 Votes

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The Future of TON DeFi
06 Oct 2023

Even though the token price is frustrated but this DeFi protocols is the best in the overall TON ecosystem.Read More ››

GhostK avatarGhostK55
One of the most popular in TON ecosystem
02 Oct 2023

I used this dex for farming some time ago, there are really some interesting pools with an attractive APR, but not the highest, I don’t want to advertise another platform here, but you can easily find it in the Tonkeeper. In general TON ecosystem is very pleasing, I did not expect that it would grow so much and the token would jump from 30+ place by CMC to 11 at the moment, and this is not in the most prosperous period for cryptocurrency, so I expect toncoin to be in the top 10 next yearRead More ››

le avatarle12335
15 Sep 2023

Megaton Finance is not your typical AMM mechanism protocol. It's a forward-looking platform that not only offers revenue but also holds the potential to be the gateway to Web 3.0. What sets Megaton Finance apart is its commitment to continuous improvement and integration. Rather than resting on its laurels, Megaton Finance is poised for future upgrades and deeper integration with platforms like Telegram. This forward-thinking approach ensures that users can expect cutting-edge features and seamless interactions as the Web 3.0 landscape evolves. Being part of Megaton Finance means being part of a dynamic ecosystem that's at the forefront of technological innovation. The promise of becoming a gateway to Web 3.0 is not just exciting; it's a testament to the platform's dedication to staying relevant and transformative in an ever-changing digital landscape. So, whether you're an investor or a user, Megaton Finance offers an opportunity to be part of something bigger, something that's shaping the future of the internet. It's a platform that's not just about finance but about opening doors to a new era of online experiences. Keep an eye on Megaton Finance; it's undoubtedly a project with a vision worth exploring and being part of.Read More ››

neprokatit avatarneprokatit6145
15 Sep 2023

verry good, i liked the platform in terms of security Megaton Finance is not just an AMM protocol that providesRead More ››

dusty77 avatardusty771780
Megaton Finance
13 Sep 2023

The most popular messenger for the cryato community is definitely Telegram. In almost any profile you are asked to link your Telegram account. In the near future, a crypto wallet based on the TON network will be integrated into the Telegram application. And Megaton Finance is just DeFi for this network. To work with the application, you need a special wallet that supports the Ton network. After which you will be able to exchange and invest your tokens in this ecosystem.Read More ››

Dato1st avatarDato1st11410
A Yield Farming Protocol on the TON Net
13 Sep 2023

Megaton Finance is an innovative protocol that leverages the TON network to offer yield farming opportunities. It allows users to swap and deposit tokens with low fees and high rewards. Megaton Finance is a great option for anyone who wants to explore the potential of the TON ecosystem.Read More ››

AcE avatarAcE8585
12 Sep 2023

I'm new to TON blockchain and was surprised how fast and reliable are the transactions. This swap work alright. The only problem I found is that liquidity i a little low and sometimes the spreads are large due to this. But I'm sure that the quality of this chain will bring more users and this will be solved.Read More ››

sanjay26 avatarsanjay2610875
10 Sep 2023

An interesting idea that should improve the quality of content as well as reward users for it. I do not know how the project is going to compete with the giants of the field, we will seeRead More ››

Armen avatarArmen10579.2

MEGA Token Price Chart (Real Time)

Token Statistics
  • Market Cap$1,184,583.00
  • Volume$151,371.00
  • Circulating Supply7,828,703.596
  • Max Supply1,000,000,000
  • FDMC$15,091,560

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