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MetaStrikers is P2E&PvP football strategic game.

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About MetaStrikers

MetaStrikers is empowering gamers with P2E&PvP footbal strategic game with the vision to combine both the uniqueness of GameFi and the potential to solve social challenges, creating a synergy between the two. Experience a new game with a DAO-like structure, while maximizing rewards with healthy tokenomics. Keisuke Honda, football star & co-founder of Dreamer VC with Will Smith, joined Team as GM.

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MetaStriker Review
04 Dec 2023

After several games experience, I see that this game already built a lively and beautiful interface and creatitve football players. These creation makes me very intersting when playing games and feel relax after hard-working day.Read More ››

Loanvan avatarLoanvan11720.3
19 Nov 2023

This is the ideal soccer game to play; in fact, you can play it one-handed. Not only is this one of the finest gaming applications I've ever played, but it's also a lot of fun if you like soccer. It will undoubtedly aid your ball placing and passing abilities. I appreciate that you may play for one of your favorite teams.Read More ››

NatulaTamara avatarNatulaTamara12475
12 Nov 2023

I adore it! It's silly fun, but it still demands some strategy. The game play is quite engaging. despite the fact that you spend the majority of your time playing with bots It's really addictive and has the potential to be a fantastic experience. give it a shot Read More ››

blafea avatarblafea12665
20 Oct 2023

A blockchain game the simulate football match to attract fan from over the world. I see game is very interesting and great to see next step from project.Read More ››

Holoars avatarHoloars12510
14 Oct 2023

It is an excellent soccer game to play. You can play the finest gaming applications I've ever played with one hand, but they're also a lot of fun if you like soccer. It will undoubtedly aid your ball placing and passing abilities. I appreciate that you may play for one of your favorite teams. Overall, it wasn't an awful game.Read More ››

mosk_alen avatarmosk_alen12780
12 Oct 2023

This game is fantastic for commuting! I've played this game many times, and the changes I've seen in that time have been remarkable! This game keeps improving. It's entertaining and keeps the heart pounding. Sporty and heartfelt.Read More ››

AJP84382 avatarAJP8438213395.9
09 Oct 2023

MetaStrikers provides an opportunity to interact with other soccer fans from all over the world. I can discuss the latest news, matches and results with people who share my passion for soccer. It's a great way to expand my social circle and find like-minded people.Read More ››

RogalevLion avatarRogalevLion10520
MetaStrickers GOOD football game and NFT
07 Oct 2023

After play MetaStrickers, i can see: Despite the mention of the game's winnable nature without the skill tree, a significant drawback surfaces in the form of lacking challenge during quick matches. The AI's limited strategic prowess might contribute to this issue, creating repetitive encounters that lack novelty. Introducing custom lobbies could breathe life into the experience, fostering i experimentation and competitive matches among friendsRead More ››

nguyenbaluong avatarnguyenbaluong17830

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    my opinionMedium
    17 Sep 2023

    se ve un exelente proyecto espero qque salga en verdad y encamine su curso facinado de participar exelenteRead More ››

    Angel avatarAngel156

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