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First ever Multi-platform P2E Virtual world

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About Metaverser

Metaverser is the first multi-platform, play-to-earn, free-to-play virtual world that offers players the opportunity to explore, create, and interact in a vast and immersive 3D environment.

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25 Nov 2023

What's a great project that building a complete metaverse world and character in game is very active and real. I will find more time to experience this project and hope project will continue to improve the movement. Read More ››

Loanvan avatarLoanvan11720.3
21 Nov 2023

Metaverser is a virtual world that I can explore, create and interact. It is interesting. But it is not good enough. There are lots of things to improve and some bugs to solve. Read More ››

tb9124 avatartb912413724.5
Not bad
19 Nov 2023

Love this game and still play it. Other than people growing out of it, it gets boring due to the fewer updates and special events that make it more fun. Also, the new currency is just such a let because all the new clothes that come out and are gorgeous are all crowns, which you have to pay money for. There are also some bugs like loading taking too long and the graphics being bad.Read More ››

Willy Kim avatarWilly Kim13325
16 Nov 2023

This is a good project, immediately become part of this project community, because there will be an airdrop for the community, be active and get more benefitsRead More ››

Alan avatarAlan8910
It could be
10 Nov 2023

I met for all time very many metaverse, this one in my opinion lags behind, not very pleasant graphics, there is a sense of artificiality.Read More ››

dimajo2541 avatardimajo254111925
05 Nov 2023

Metaverser is the inaugural multi-platform, play-to-earn, free-to-play virtual universe, offering players the opportunity to explore, create, and interact within a sprawling and immersive 3D environment.Read More ››

daerverg avatardaerverg1638.5
04 Nov 2023

Metaverse RG is a game that is worth playing, especially for those who enjoy adventure games. The game is built on a technology that provides a resilient, scalable, secure foundation tailored for global inclusivity. The game's unique gameplay allows players to train NFT pets for epic PvP, PvE battles, and raids. Players can earn crypto and win real money while experiencing the game's unique gameplay.Read More ››

Only_hardcore avatarOnly_hardcore4285
Not bad metaverse
01 Nov 2023

interesting universe, here I can interact with people from different locations without having to worry about traveling far and wide. Really a fun place to interact and maybe see anything from fir magic. The graphics are very nice, everyone, the movement is quite easy to get used to.Read More ››

Moy_Gospodin avatarMoy_Gospodin12920

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  • Market Cap$510,289.00
  • Volume$150,396.00
  • Circulating Supply260,970,467.059
  • Max Supply2,000,000,000
  • FDMC$3,879,112

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    Metaverser User Trust Reviews

    good workHigh
    21 Oct 2023

    I have been watching it for a couple of days, I will continue watching and interacting. excellent project and very ambitious and good work.I have been watching it for a couple of days, I will continue watching and interacting. excellent project and very ambitious and good work.Read More ››

    Walter avatarWalter487.1
    18 Oct 2023

    the mertaverse is a mind blowing world with infinite possibilities. cant wait to connect with like minded individuals on this platform.Read More ››

    chineduosaka51 avatarchineduosaka51210

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