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Hey! We are Minto — a Bitcoin mining token. Mining is simple. Don't you believe it? Try to mine with us! We've removed all the unnecessary steps. To mine BTC, all you need is to buy and stake our BTCMT token, that equals a unit of Bitcoin mining power. Our token is secured by actively operating equipment. To make it work we use renewable energy sources with a neutral carbon footprint.

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simle and coo;
08 Sep 2023

Begin mining with just a few clicks - a straightforward and accessible process for everyone. Highly recommended, and it operates on green energy.Read More ››

Kiki_You avatarKiki_You310
Simple mining in two clicks
08 Sep 2023

Minto is a revolutionary decentralized platform that has made Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone. With the need for expensive mining equipment and technical expertise removed, Minto has democratized the process, allowing individuals to participate in Bitcoin mining effortlessly. Key Features of Minto: 1. $BTCMT Token: At the core of Minto's platform is the $BTCMT token. This token represents a unit of Bitcoin mining power, making it the key to enter the world of Bitcoin mining without the hassle of purchasing and maintaining hardware. 2. World's Longest Data Center: Minto boasts the world's longest data center dedicated to Bitcoin mining. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, advanced cooling systems, and robust security measures, this facility ensures efficient and reliable mining operations. 3. Impressive APY: Minto offers an annual percentage yield (APY) that consistently exceeds 15%. This competitive yield makes it an attractive option for both experienced miners and newcomers looking for passive income opportunities. 4. User-Friendly Interface: Minto's user-friendly interface simplifies the mining process, allowing users to monitor their mining activities and manage their $BTCMT tokens effortlessly. 5. Decentralized Governance: Minto operates on a decentralized model, enabling the community of $BTCMT token holders to collectively make decisions about the platform's future. This approach promotes transparency and trust within the Minto ecosystem. 6. Security and Reliability: With security being a top priority, Minto ensures the safety of your investments and data, providing a secure and reliable environment for Bitcoin mining. In summary, Minto is a user-friendly and accessible platform that empowers individuals to participate in Bitcoin mining with ease. With its $BTCMT token, impressive APY, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Minto offers a promising opportunity for both experienced miners and newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency.Read More ››

Kiki_You avatarKiki_You310
Cool mine without all the hardware
23 Aug 2023

Minto gives fantastic way to mine BTC without all the hardware and all the hustles. It's simple buy BTCMT token and stake it. Now the APY is 11% which is ok, but if the Bitcoin price rises the APY will skyrocket, so now is the moment for BTCMT invesment. The only bad thing i found is that they sell their token expensive (0.80) compared to Pancake where it's (0.60) but the good is that no one forces you to buy from them :)Read More ››

Didi avatarDidi12905
20 Aug 2023

Minto is a decentralised platform where you can mine Bitcoin. To do this, you need to buy the platform token - $BTCMT. This token is equal to a unit of bitcoin mining power. The platform also has the longest data centre in the world. Apy is more than 15%. Wonderful and user-friendly interface also makes the process of using the platform more pleasant.Read More ››

bata1 avatarbata18498.9
Review Minto
10 Aug 2023

I like the unique proposition Minto offers by combining Bitcoin mining with mining power tokenization through BTCMT tokens. What really draws me to Minto is their focus on sustainability and the use of renewable energy. The use of hydroelectric plants to power its mining operations is a highlight in my opinion, as it demonstrates a commitment to the environment and social responsibility. Also, the ability to trade the BTCMT tokens on an efficient market seems like an excellent addition to me. However, there are also some aspects that could be improved. I would like to see more details about the audits and security of the project, as these are critical aspects in the cryptocurrency space. Also, while the idea is exciting, I would like more information on how preference in mining rewards would be handled due to fluctuations in the hash rate and difficulty of the Bitcoin network.Read More ››

Carlos Manuel Cabrera avatarCarlos Manuel Cabrera11980
27 Jul 2023

well done .. hope to hear about this project in future with update news and more features . good luckRead More ››

Alan avatarAlan8905
12 Jul 2023

Global: This crypto project has a worldwide reach, connecting users from different corners of the globRead More ››

Cryptocyrus avatarCryptocyrus1870
10 Jul 2023

well done .. hope to hear about this project in future with update news and more features . good luckRead More ››

muneer avatarmuneer5365

BTCMT Token Price Chart (Real Time)

Token Statistics
  • Market Cap$4,056,091.00
  • Volume$94,094.00
  • Circulating Supply5,585,050.664
  • Max Supply-
  • FDMC$6,027,798

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    Minto User Trust Reviews

    17 Jun 2023

    Very good Project and Thanks for this wonderful opportunity dear sir Excellent project and nice team looking bright future. Good luck to everyoneRead More ››

    Arif avatarArif1055
    08 Jun 2023

    выполняю задания, коплю баллы, задания несложные, добавляются новые регулярно. хороший проект мне нравитсяRead More ››

    Nikol avatarNikol4430

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