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About Monsterra NFT Game

Monsterra is a free-to-play-to-earn multi-chain game run on both BNB, Avalanche and OKC networks inspired by the gameplay of Clash of Clan or Boom Beach at

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Monsterra NFT Game experience
05 Dec 2023

I think Monsterterra is a fun game, at least for me. But I think the game lacks certain gameplay instructions, but maybe this is also the interesting thing about Monsterterra, which requires us to explore and discover its fun.Read More ››

herochain avatarherochain25075
team scam
05 Dec 2023

I liked the game, but there is a lack of a more detailed report on how many resources you gained per day, so to speak, or for a won battle. But everything is spoiled by the team that organizes all sorts of events and deceives most of the participants in them. so thanks for the game, the team (scammer) is a big minus. I don't recommend doing business with themRead More ››

miki54 avatarmiki5410060
Good game but hangs occasionally
04 Dec 2023

I like Monsterra it's not too fast paced. The idea is simple you breed monsters and than fight adventures with them. The variety of monsters and battle creatures is good enough for different strategies and experiments. So far I enjoyed the game, but it occasionally hangs for a while and than continues. Maybe the team should optimize the game further and develop even more content. The direction is right.Read More ››

milen avatarmilen12397.8
04 Dec 2023

It’s great when karma access to “Hot Offers” will be doubled... Very fair game... The most dishonest people!Read More ››

22222 avatar222229745.2
03 Dec 2023

The graphics are interesting, but as a new player I lacked better training. What they give at the beginning does not give you an understanding of all the functions in the game and what to do.Read More ››

Biruang avatarBiruang12183.7
Monsterra Game
03 Dec 2023

Good graphics but I’m facing problem for connecting wallet, when I click bsc I can only create new wallet or import private key, don’t have wallet connect option im using iPhone Read More ››

chetan avatarchetan10695
Addictive monster game
01 Dec 2023

Monsterra is a monster breeding and fighting game. You manage monsters, breed them and produce food for them, so they can level up and fight different adventure battles. It was hard at first to understand how the game works, but after an hour I picked it up and it was easy after that. The Management is cool, but the fights are little repetitive and long. Overall not a bad game.Read More ››

Didi avatarDidi13210
The game as a whole looks good
01 Dec 2023

The game as a whole looks good, it hangs a little, it is not pleasant. This game is similar to a strategy, the principle is simple, collect your army of monsters and fight with neighboring lands for resources. I did not understand how to earn there. Therefore, 4 stars for the fact that it hangs is a minus, the graphics are good, this is a plus.Read More ››

Satoru Gojo avatarSatoru Gojo9363.6

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    Monsterra NFT Game User Trust Reviews

    19 Mar 2023

    Monsterra is a free-to-play-to-earn multi-chain game run on both BNB, Avalanche and OKC networks inspired by the gameplay of Clash of Clan or Boom Beach at More ››

    Kvantrum avatarKvantrum7858.7
    Dream Card v2 and Hero Card. Each projeMedium
    18 Mar 2023

    Dream Card v2 and Hero Card. Each project comes with uniquely designed NFTs inspired by classic Japanese anime art styles. ACG fans, old and new, are invited to explore the world of GameFi with X World GamesRead More ››

    israel avatarisrael130.6

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