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Are you satisfied with Metamask? We bet you are not. Obvious is your one-stop solution for all things crypto on your mobile. Obvious is a self-custody wallet that brings together assets across EVM chains and powers your cross-chain transactions by giving you safe, fast and affordable bridging & swapping routes within the app⚡

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My experience with Obvious Wallet
26 Nov 2023

A feature I like about Obvious wallet is its ability to seamlessly integrate assets from various EVM-compatible blockchains, thereby facilitating efficient management and utilization of various cryptocurrencies. This asset consolidation simplifies portfolio management, allowing users to track multiple tokens and coins in one place. Obvious' robustness is further highlighted by its emphasis on cross-chain functionality. Users can take advantage of secure, fast, and cost-effective bridging and swapping options, empowering them to navigate between different blockchain networks without hassle.Read More ››

julian avatarjulian13670
not bad
25 Nov 2023

This is smart wallet.It uses technology account asbtraction.You can pay gas fees with stablecoins for all networks it is very easy to useRead More ››

Maxim3 avatarMaxim310290
Obvious wallet
04 Nov 2023

I liked the wallet, the interface is pleasant to the eye, transactions are fast and cheap. I recommendRead More ››

Artemon avatarArtemon11080
Obvious wallet
29 Oct 2023

I have been using it for 6 months, the interface is user friendly. Because it is an AA wallet, you can pay fees on many networks with many different tokens. really like this wallet.Read More ››

Tranngocde avatarTranngocde11830
Obvious wallet
21 Oct 2023

It is an aa wallet which means you can pay gas fees on multiple networks with any tokens(USDT,USDC...).I've been using it for 3 months, it's pretty goodRead More ››

Tranngocde avatarTranngocde11830
17 Oct 2023

I've been using this wallet for approximately three months, beginning with its testing phase, and it has quickly become my go-to wallet, surpassing Metamask. Although I initially favored Rainbow for its user-friendly interface, this wallet impresses me equally in that regard. It stands as an outstanding cryptocurrency wallet, providing a straightforward and enjoyable user experience.Read More ››

Ivars avatarIvars14532.1
13 Oct 2023

Люблю людей, стоящих за приложением. У меня были некоторые проблемы, и я обратился к ним, и они исправили ошибку примерно за 24 часа или около того. Обожаю такую ​​скорость исполнения и доставки.Read More ››

scherb777 avatarscherb77712605
Obivious wallet
13 Oct 2023

This is smart wallet.It uses technology account asbtraction.You can pay gas fees with stablecoins for all networks it is very easy to useRead More ››

Tranngocde avatarTranngocde11830

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    Obvious Wallet ⚡ User Trust Reviews

    best walletHigh
    23 Oct 2023

    best wallet i ever have it can use stablecoin for gassfee it amazing because we knows gasfee are important for web3 userRead More ››

    art avatarart4800
    great useful walletHigh
    18 Sep 2023

    i kinda like this one.apart of can mint a new and permanenrt id. i can see my latest nad updated portfoliojust finger tipRead More ››

    defcon avatardefcon675
    gasless walletHigh
    05 Aug 2023

    i tried many wallets but obvious is smartest wallet. the feature i love the most is , we dont need native blockchain tokens for gas fees . (stables coin as gas fess is needed).Read More ››

    App FeedbackHigh
    10 Apr 2023

    Very cool app for tracking your crypto wallets! You will not miss any airdrop, all transactions immediately appear in your notifications. Excellent and clear design - I recommend to useRead More ››

    Olli avatarOlli528.2
    Trust the appHigh
    05 Apr 2023

    i have trust in the app as they don't force me to import my seed phrase. Instead, they are fine with me connecting my wallet and still giving the same experience. Love this sort of a thingRead More ››

    hybepoboi avatarhybepoboi1.7

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