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Editable Web3 portfolio analytics platform

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Octav is a free and editable data analytics platform that helps decipher Decentralized Finance investment activity. Our dashboard provides portfolio insights on gas fees paid, profit and loss, debt borrowed, and let’s you seamlessly track your DeFi positions, tokens, and NFTs cross-chain.

Octav Suggestions by Real Users

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Adding More Quest
14 Nov 2023

It would be advisable to add more zealy quest-like quiz activities about the project on a daily basis to increase xp points.Read More ››

Glaremac1977 avatarGlaremac197720
discord activities
13 Nov 2023

Happy to be part of the crypto community and suggest adding more discord activities in the discord channel.Read More ››

Sharengu avatarSharengu20
More discord activities
12 Nov 2023

Glorious to be part of this crypto world. I would suggest to add more discord activities in the discord channelRead More ››

Boomreco avatarBoomreco20
More Discord activities
07 Nov 2023

Happy to be part of this Project. I would like to suggest including more activities on the Discord channel regarding the project.Read More ››

Valmik20 avatarValmik2020
Adding more discord activities
07 Nov 2023

I am glad to be part of the community. I would recommend adding more discord activities on the dashboard.Read More ››

Sru2004 avatarSru200430
Manual Protocol Public Access
09 Oct 2023

If a user creates a Protocol Manually, display it to every other validator on Octav (both Name, URL) - This helps the validators to choose from the List of already added Protocols. This reduces the protocol duplication by users and for available chains as well.Read More ››

Blacklist avatarBlacklist30

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