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Planet IX
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About Planet IX

Planet IX is an NFT-based strategy game, offering players a fun and challenging path to each rewards in the game’s own currency $IXT. The game went on-chain in November 2021 and has experienced strong growth since then. Planet IX is currently the leading game on Polygon with more than 100,000 unique wallets connected monthly and over 225,000 wallets holding $IXT.

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good !!!
04 Dec 2023

该游戏通过清晰的图形为玩家提供独特且引人入胜的体验。我觉得玩这个游戏需要一块好的显卡。如果他们降低游戏要求那就太好了。游戏的其余部分都很棒👍我会坚持体验这款游戏 后续给大家更多的评价 也希望越来越多的人参与进来

liuzhiling avatarliuzhiling2300
Planet IX
03 Dec 2023

Excellent visuals and sound effects. Strategy planning and gaming are both enjoyable and tough. I believe that giving new players three boosters and showing them how to better navigate the campaigns is a good idea. Overall, the graphics in-game are excellent. continue your excellent job Read More ››

lisonesunshine avatarlisonesunshine12495
Planet IX
25 Nov 2023

This visually stunning game delivers a distinct and immersive experience, albeit demanding on graphics cards; while its exceptional graphics elevate gameplay, optimizing requirements could enhance accessibility without compromising its overall excellence.Read More ››

Damnational avatarDamnational9450.2
Planet IX
25 Nov 2023

I'm ready to dive into this captivating universe and see what challenges and rewards await,Planet IX seems to be a well-designed and engaging NFT-driven strategy game with a number of unique features. Can't wait to embark on exciting challenges and collect $IXT along the way.I love the concept of merging NFTs and strategy gameplay in Planet IX! I liked it very much. Good Luck PlanetIXRead More ››

todkras avatartodkras12872.4
GameFi strategy game
23 Nov 2023

Planet IX is an NFT-based GameFi strategy game. The main game objective is to collect and trade as many PIX as possible and restore the planet through our PlayToEarn functionalities. You can also combine territories and get Territory NFT. The game is entirely an economic strategy that allows you to earn, in general, it is not a bad game, but it is built on a landfill, so the problem of expensive transactions is solved. Has its own token $IXT. Planet IX frequently host competitions and raffles where you can win grand prizes such as IXT and rare assets.Read More ››

Satoru Gojo avatarSatoru Gojo9363.6
Planet IX Review
23 Nov 2023

该游戏通过清晰的图形为玩家提供独特且引人入胜的体验。我觉得玩这个游戏需要一块好的显卡。如果他们降低游戏要求那就太好了。游戏的其余部分都很棒👍我会坚持体验这款游戏 后续给大家更多的评价 也希望越来越多的人参与进来

peilihua avatarpeilihua7720
I liked this game
16 Nov 2023

I can safely say that this, if not the best is definitely one of the best web3 games I've ever seen. An interesting storyline, many tools and opportunities to improve your empire, built on polygon, a very important point because of the low fees, NFT marketplace inside, can list the advantages for a long time, but it’s better to start playing right nowRead More ››

le avatarle12455
The game is interesting, very addictive!
03 Nov 2023

Previously, no one would have thought that playing a game on a smartphone or computer could make money! Quite an interesting game, especially when you have a couple of hours of extra time))) I couldn’t even imagine that I would get so carried away!Read More ››

NFT_Vashchuk avatarNFT_Vashchuk7075

IXT Token Price Chart (Real Time)

Token Statistics
  • Market Cap$35,631,878.00
  • Volume$240,056.00
  • Circulating Supply103,050,377.727
  • Max Supply-
  • FDMC$52,992,318

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    Planet IX User Trust Reviews

    Good NicheMedium
    10 Oct 2023

    I think it's average because,project already begun from scratch and still building,now it's getting betterRead More ››

    Idris avatarIdris975
    So coolHigh
    22 Sep 2023

    An interesting application related to NFTs, but there are some shortcomings, for example, when entering the site, it gives an error and a white screen, but overall a good application.Read More ››

    AXE95 avatarAXE959040

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