A P2P lending protocol. ANY token as collateral.

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PWN is the most universal, oracle-free, peer-to-peer lending protocol, providing maximum asset utilization. You can invest in loans with an average interest of 11%. Or maximize liquidity using ANY token as collateral. With a unique feature, PWN Safe, you can get a loan using your blue chip while retaining ownership benefits such as airdrops, access, or in-game use. All with 0% protocol fees.

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25 Nov 2023

High-quality user interface. As I understand it, this is a P2P platform where you can place your assets on loan and receive interest on it, as well as borrow. And they also have their own personal protection system, and you can participate in various activities and get rewarded for it. On the downside, it is a centralized platform. On the plus side, there is no commission.Read More ››

heartbeating avatarheartbeating8510
super flexible lending platform
11 Oct 2023

You can invest your money in loans and earn an average of 11% in interest. Or, if you want to use your crypto as collateral to access funds, you can do that too. There's this special feature called PWN Safe that lets you use your valuable assets as collateral while keeping the benefits like airdrops, access, and in-game use. And the best part is, there are no fees. It's all about making the most of your assetsRead More ››

bs76 avatarbs765400
11 Oct 2023

Their website is easy to use and navigate, easy to understand and simple, and it is complete, nice work team!Read More ››

Alan avatarAlan8895
10 Oct 2023

pwndao is a unique lending platform . user can lend any crypto and set as collateral for borrowing .Read More ››

09 Oct 2023

PWNDAO offers high flexibility, allowing you to invest in loans at 11% interest or use any token as collateral for liquidity. PWN's standout feature, PWN Safe, lets you secure a loan with valuable, stable tokens while keeping ownership benefits like airdrops. Unlike other protocols, PWN has zero protocol fees, ensuring you receive all your interest earnings. Overall, I highly recommend PWN for investing, liquidity, and loans with ownership benefits.Read More ››

imqazaq avatarimqazaq8055
good project
09 Oct 2023

PWN is a revolutionary peer-to-peer lending protocol that stands out for its versatility and unique features. It operates without relying on oracles, offering users a secure platform for lending and collateralizing assets. Investors can enjoy attractive average interest rates of 11%, making it an appealing choice for income generation. Additionally, PWN's distinctive PWN Safe feature allows users to obtain loans using their blue-chip assets while retaining ownership benefits, such as airdrops and in-game access. Remarkably, PWN imposes no protocol fees, making it a cost-effective solution for maximizing liquidity and managing assets.Read More ››

thanhphan avatarthanhphan6225
The Future of Peer-to-Peer Lending
09 Oct 2023

PWNDAO has redefined peer-to-peer lending in the crypto space. Its innovative approach, user-friendly interface, and unique features like PWN Safe make it a standout project. If you're looking to maximize your assets and explore the world of decentralized lending, PWNDAO should be at the top of your list.Read More ››

mumtazer avatarmumtazer6695
09 Oct 2023

One positive feature of PWNDAO is that it has 0% protocol fee. You can get all your interest without paying any fee. Interface is simple and user friendly. But it is not different than any other lending protocols.Read More ››

Biruang avatarBiruang11288.7

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