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Hold our NFTs to profit share from mobile games!

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About Reality Metaverse

Reality Metaverse NFTs revolutionize the way you make money. By simply holding our NFTs, you'll be profit sharing from mobile games and other sources. Our collection features iconic landmarks, cities, and countries as immersive 3D models. It's a sustainable income-making model that puts you in control. Join us now and unlock your earning potential!

Reality Metaverse Magic Store Validation Score

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Reality Metaverse
29 Nov 2023

First of all, I would like to day thank you to the project with the Hot offer campaign that I have chance to deep dive in this project. I see that Reality already built a platform with bright appearance, clear function but the feature is quite limited. I hope project can develop more in the future.Read More ››

Holoars avatarHoloars11970
Reality Metaverse
28 Nov 2023

I have chance to experience this project when I join the hot offer campaign. I evaluate that project already created a NFT box with many countries and allow users own NFT can stake and earn token. But project should think in a long-term what is the user case of these NFTs Read More ››

Gonxiu avatarGonxiu10675
Bad game
27 Nov 2023

It's been about two days after I bought the NFT box and opened it, the tokens I received for holding NFT cannot be withdrawn. It is not possible to deposit tokens on the exchange, on all exchanges when making a deposit it says: "deposits are temporarily suspended". Taking this NFT almost free gave me the only plus, thanks, magic store.Read More ››

Satoru Gojo avatarSatoru Gojo7703.6
25 Nov 2023

a regular NFT marketplace, I didn’t notice any lags or bugs on the site, the interface requires normal optimization for different devices with different screen resolutions, I’ll give it 3 stars, there’s still a lot that needs to be done with them (these are normal giveaways from companies, not through one place)Read More ››

miki54 avatarmiki549945
A good meta world
24 Nov 2023

Not a bad meta world, buy NFT land and get passive income from land in RLTM tokens. There are loot boxes from which NFTs of various rarity fall out. I bought a box with NFT on an offer from Magic Store, and the reward came very quickly, for which I give a like and 5 stars.Read More ››

Satoru Gojo avatarSatoru Gojo7703.6
Nice app
01 Nov 2023

I think Reality Metaverse - GEM! Next web3 app for massadoption! Make money easy and fun with amazing usability! Read More ››

Art avatarArt1024.6
High level metaverse
28 Oct 2023

A very good project idea. I think this meta-universe is suitable for those who like to explore the world, travel, explore various attractions. By owning a part of the meta-service, users can earn. The entire metaverse is implemented at a very high quality. Ardent fans of the project can compete in the leaderboard.Read More ››

Rafael avatarRafael12154.4
gerçeklik muhteşem
26 Oct 2023

çok başarılı ve gerçek. çok başarılı olacagını düşündüğüm yakından takip ettiğim bir proje. yakın zamanda adını fazlasıyla duyacağız.Read More ››


RLTM Token Price Chart (Real Time)

Token Statistics
  • Market Cap$874,989.00
  • Volume$1,579.58
  • Circulating Supply117,092,598.172
  • Max Supply1,000,000,000
  • FDMC$7,472,628

Reality Metaverse Magic Store Trust Score

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    • 03.10.2023Validation Date
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    Reality Metaverse User Trust Reviews

    Absolutely amazingHigh
    02 Oct 2023

    This is so amazing. I am impressed with this project, hopefully with this event the community and especially this coin will achieve success.Read More ››

    Chanchal Majumder avatarChanchal Majumder860
    Amazing projectHigh
    20 Sep 2023

    Amazing project from an amazing team back by a strong thriving community. Reality Meta pioneering Web3.Read More ››

    Yosier avatarYosier600
    Amazing projectHigh
    20 Sep 2023

    Amazing project from an amazing team back by a strong thriving community. Reality Meta pioneering Web3.Read More ››

    Yosier avatarYosier600

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