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About Roseon App

Roseon Mobile App, a mobile DeFi wallet app that comes with mini-games, NFT marketplace and a launchpad. The all-in-one crypto app will act as a companion app to the others within the ecosystem for in-game interoperability and cross platform social interaction. Roseon App completes its build by 2022.

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My review
07 Sep 2023

The mobile DeFi wallet app comes with mini games, an NFT marketplace, and a launcher. Capable of cross-platform in-game and social interaction. Easily manage your assets, beautiful interface, easy to use, recommended experienceRead More ››

rita avatarrita13595
So I don't think it's very suitable for
11 Aug 2023

I have been searching for a useful wallet recently. I found this Roseon app on the Magic Store, but I found that its interface is not my favorite style. I prefer a clean, concise, and professional wallet interface. So I don't think it's very suitable for me.Read More ››

535839487 avatar53583948712164.6
07 Aug 2023

Roseon is not just a wallet to store your assets, but it also features mini-games and its own NFTs trading platform. You can deposit your assets into the staking for more profits. The games are presented in a Play-To-Earn format. Incredibly beautiful and clear interface makes you fall in love with this project from the first seconds. All this creates not only a good environment for storing your assets, but also for multiplying them.Read More ››

bata1 avatarbata17663.9
Very bad
04 Aug 2023

The project will steal your money if you are careless. Your accounts can be spammed at any time so that you have to contact customer service. Errors are deliberately introduced into the app and your accounts. Already in the public chat, they try to refer you there with fake links to the scam support. You will then not be able to seek help or spread warnings in the public Telegram chat. Because you will be blocked by them. They will screen, control everything.Read More ››

Ybijtsa avatarYbijtsa11111.4
03 Aug 2023

Good wallet, easy to use. It's mobile DeFi wallet app that comes with mini-games, NFT marketplace and a launchpad.Read More ››

Biruang avatarBiruang11643.7
All in one app
01 Aug 2023

Roseon is very actively developing. Since the beginning of the bear market, the team has shown incredible results. Roseon was focused on IDO, but now it's a big DeFi, GameFi and NFT ecosystem in one app.Read More ››

Ekaterina avatarEkaterina18795.6
12 Jun 2023

Great.. go the moon.. keep it up and do work hard team.. ............................................Read More ››

Pk123 avatarPk1233470
26 Apr 2023

Мобильное приложение Roseon, мобильное приложение кошелька DeFi, которое поставляется с мини-играми, торговой площадкой NFT и панелью запуска. Криптовалютное приложение «все в одном» будет выступать в качестве приложения-компаньона для других приложений в экосистеме для взаимодействия в игре и межплатформенного социального взаимодействия. Приложение Roseon завершит свою сборку к 2022 годуRead More ››

sashashoiko avatarsashashoiko11142.3

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