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The first cross-chain NFT teleporter and swapper

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About Scotty Beam

Scotty Beam is the world's first cross-chain NFT teleporter and swapper – here to help cryptonians move and exchange NFTs across blockchain galaxies; connect Metaverses, games and marketplaces; cut through complexity; maximize value and fun throughout the voyage.

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Validation Score3.9

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138043 Votes

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  • Avatarm002mtYes
  • AvatarOleksandrWolfYes
  • AvatarOleg_paxYes
  • Avatartaras14Yes
  • AvatarDegzelYes
  • AvatarbaccardiYes
  • AvatarRaijasuYes
  • AvatarKevinHartDominic1799Yes
  • Avatarslon71Yes
  • AvatartroutrousYes
  • AvatarDanielMeiYes
  • AvatarOrtegakevNo
  • AvatarmazzaleenYes
  • Avatarsh2uajww9tYes
  • AvatarUserYes
  • AvatarzeendenYes
  • AvatarcrystalYes
  • AvatartoybonnieYes
  • Avatareo939Yes
  • AvatarflorencYes

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21 Nov 2023

my experience with Scotty Beam was incredibly positive. It's an innovative solution that addresses some of the most pressing challenges in the NFT space. The future of NFTs is all about flexibility and interoperability, and Scotty Beam is leading the way. If you're ready to explore new horizons in the world of NFTs, I highly recommend giving Scotty Beam a try. It's an exciting journey filled with potential, and this platform is your trusty companion on the adventure.Read More ››

Reviewer's avataralal10475.00
11 Nov 2023

I found the interface intuitive and easy to use.The intricacies of Scotty Beam's cross-chain functionality are mind-blowing. It takes NFTs to a whole new level! teleportation of NFTs poses a genuine challenge within the NFT and Metaverse space, and the Scotty Beam team is dedicated to finding a solution. This is quite a good project,The project was explained in detail and clearly. I liked it very much. All the best to the teamRead More ››

Reviewer's avatartodkras11277.40
02 Nov 2023

Scotty Beam is a game-changer for NFT enthusiasts, offering seamless cross-chain teleportation and swapping with minimal transaction fees, making it a must-have tool in the NFT world.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatardamnational7705.20
My review
19 Oct 2023

I've been utilizing Scotty Beam for some time now, and I'm pleased to observe the project progressing quite impressively. The team behind it truly deserves recognition. Scotty Beam provides remarkable features for both creating and managing NFTs. This includes the ability to establish cross-chain NFT collections with uniform addresses across various networks, transfer NFTs to different networks while preserving their functionality, and facilitate NFT swaps across diverse networks, among other capabilities. Moreover, regular users of the platform can access an exclusive collection of NFT assets through Scotty Beam, which includes discounts on services and various other platform rewards.Read More ››

Reviewer's avataretoon11280.00
I really like it because it has simple
19 Oct 2023

I think Scotty Beam is a great conveyor. When I connect my wallet, it can help me connect my favorite NFT from one blockchain to another, completing movement and exchange. I really like it because it has simple and professional functions, is friendly to novice users, and has lower transaction costs, which is why I like it.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatar53583948711809.60
18 Oct 2023

I am familiar with Scotty Beam and have witnessed its continuous development. The team deserves respect for their efforts. Scotty Beam offers advanced functionality for creating and managing NFTs, such as cross-chain NFT collections, seamless NFT migration across networks, and NFT swapping. Regular users can also enjoy discounts and bonuses through Scotty Beam's exclusive NFT collection.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarMr_Zoro4945.00
User-friendly, less for transactions fee
17 Oct 2023

The simple, user-friendly, less for transactions fees. Love Scotty Beam. I am an enthusiast with NFT. Really I'm very impressed using Scotty Beam with teleport, the first cross-chain NFT teleporter and swapper. Users can connect their wallet and bridge their favorite NFTs from one blockchain to another.Read More ››

Reviewer's avatardatdrummer11020.00
Really Good!
17 Oct 2023

Scotty Beam!! Really good project where not only you can trade nfts, you can even send it cross chains.. nice one!Read More ››

Reviewer's avatarGaoroon10215.20

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