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About Spark Finance

SparkFi is the first launchpad platform built on the Base blockchain, designed to support new blockchain projects in a decentralized manner. By possessing a specific amount of SPAK tokens, users can participate in any launch on SparkFi, giving them early investment opportunities in projects and early token price discounts. SparkFi’s mission is to provide a decentralized launchpad platform .

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18 Nov 2023

Hello, I hope this message finds you well. I'm a web3 advisor and strategist and I'm reaching out to request your assistance as a moderator I have noticed there has been little interaction on the telegram community, it's essential we maintain interesting and active environment for all community members Could you please review the situation and take appropriate action. If you need additional context, let me know. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciatedRead More ››

Saintvincent avatarSaintvincent20

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