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Build the best town & play for crypto rewards!

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About Town Star

From the same minds that created the Farmville series, Town Star is a farming sim game from Gala Games that lets players from all over the world compete for crypto prizes and NFT rewards. Gameplay that’s both relaxing and compelling keeps players coming back for more, while the empowerment of web3 ownership and rewards brings an exciting new level of complexity to an already awesome game.

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Good game
24 Oct 2023

Such games has their own playerbase and this is backed by gala games thats a bonus point. The gameplay revolves around town-building mechanics, allowing players to construct and customize their towns using various decorations, and infrastructure. Read More ››

Gabrujaat avatarGabrujaat12830.4
Town Star
21 Oct 2023

It's fantastic. When I played it, I realized that I needed to prepare ahead of time or else I wouldn't have enough money to buy anything and everything would be filled. I started playing because of a friend. They even provide me advice and recommendations to assist me navigate the game. The game also has its own community that was developed by the players themselves, which is really useful, and the game provides activities to do within time, which makes it entertaining because you are not forced to perform the chores.Read More ››

AJP84382 avatarAJP8438213395.9
Town Star
17 Oct 2023

It's a fantastic game. To advance quicker, you must pay money, but this is true of any game. The visuals are excellent, and the animation moves nicely. A very well-executed game. This game has so many interesting layers! Farming is enjoyable, and discovery is fascinating.Read More ››

NatulaTamara avatarNatulaTamara12475
Town Star
16 Oct 2023

Better than expected and holds my focus, so I can play without getting bored! When I first started playing this game, I was pleasantly delighted. So far, I'm liking this game, and I appreciate how it grows smoothly while not making chores too difficult to do.Read More ››

lilanepang avatarlilanepang12491.2
Town Star
15 Oct 2023

It is a fantastic game. You may play for fun and decide to pay some money to expedite the process. The art style is adorable, and the game is well-polished. The controls and mechanics are straightforward and uncomplicated. Two thumbs up from me.Read More ››

mosk_alen avatarmosk_alen12780
Townstar timer-based game
16 Sep 2023

At first glance, I want to recommend all Townstar may seem like another typical timer-based game, but it quickly evolves and becomes more engaging as you progress through the early stages. Fortunately, the initial gameplay does not involve significant waiting times between actions, which can often diminish interest in similar games. The game encourages you to optimize your operations and streamline resource production, such as transforming wood into more valuable products by passing it through various buildings.Read More ››

phamlengochue avatarphamlengochue12450
Interesting game
14 Sep 2023

Love the concept and adore the puzzle and building a town. The game is fun and kind of relaxing and almost nostalgic. Graphics are great too! however I do have some suggest I wish that you could do a full 360 rotation on the buildings and homes. Will there be an update soon?Read More ››

Willy Kim avatarWilly Kim13325
12 Sep 2023

The game is great, I liked it right from the interface, everything is very beautiful, will explode in the future, thank you developer!Read More ››

pickay avatarpickay7790

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  • Market Cap$875,666,926.00
  • Volume$912,575,698.00
  • Circulating Supply29,106,262,356.652
  • Max Supply50,000,000,000
  • FDMC$875,687,588

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    Town Star User Trust Reviews

    Town Star addictionHigh
    03 Aug 2023

    2 years ago I have checkout out this game on Gala Games and I must say is very catchy. I recommend it 100%. Congrats to the teamRead More ››

    Alexandru Capatina avatarAlexandru Capatina9271.7
    02 Aug 2023

    I liked the style of the game, it reminds me of the bygone games of the clash of clens kind, I really loved playing games of this genre. Thanks to medjik I was able to find an analog, thank youRead More ››

    leen avatarleen3235

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