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About TownStory Galaxy

TownStory Galaxy is a F2P Web3 social simulation game developed by ex-Zynga Studio, who made FarmVille. Users can build their own towns in the game, interact with players from all over the world, and trade NFTs in the open world. Players will earn governance tokens through social interactions with their friends.

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Winters 🥶🤢🥶
30 Nov 2023

One of the most important things to the success of this project is the team, and I believe that the project will provide a very strong successRead More ››

Mulajutt avatarMulajutt1375
great play to earn game
21 Nov 2023

TownStory Galaxy is a play-to-own crypto social game that lets you build a new home in the Alpha Centauri system. You can feed animals, harvest crops, complete orders, and go on adventures with your friends. The game is still in development, but it has a lot of potential. My experiences below may help ppl: (1) I love the art style. The game has a cute and whimsical art style that is reminiscent of Animal Crossing (2) The gameplay is simple and easy to learn. Even if you're not a gamer, you'll be able to pick up the game quickly. (3) There is a lot to do in the game. You can build your town, explore the world, and interact with other players (4) The community is friendly and helpful. I've met a lot of nice people playing TownStory Galaxy. (5) The game is constantly being updated. The developers are always adding new content and features (6) Overall, I'm really enjoying my experience playing TownStory Galaxy. It's a fun and addictive game that I highly recommend checking out.Read More ››

BottomUp2023 avatarBottomUp202312865
02 Sep 2023

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Kucherenko avatarKucherenko4120

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