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Web 3.0 shopping platform

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About Uquid

Uquid is the biggest Web 3.0 shopping platform, which provides digital, physical and NFT products by establishing the bridge between Defi and E-commerce.

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Validation Score3.9

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167713 Votes

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Great marketplace!
22 Nov 2023

Uquid is a large and powerful marketplace that presents various products, such as clothing, household goods, toys and much more. There is also a separate section where you can buy digital goods, such as apple gift cards, coins for tick tok, PUBG gift cards and so on. Separately, I want to mention Uquid NFT, a platform that allows you to mine content on tiktok, YouTube and other platforms. The overall impression of Uquid is only positive, a powerful platform that does a lot.Read More ››

Ekaterina avatarEkaterina18800.6
15 Nov 2023

I'm eager to explore their platform and experience the transformative power it holds for online shopping.Uquid's seamless fusion of DeFi and E-commerce is a game-changer! Exciting to see the future of online shopping being redefined. DeFi and E-commerce experience through Uquid is fascinating.I really liked the Uquid project.Read More ››

todkras avatartodkras12357.4
N Review
12 Nov 2023

Uquid stands out as the premier Web 3.0 shopping platform, seamlessly bridging the worlds of Defi and E-commerce to offer a diverse range of digital, physical, and NFT products. Its innovative approach positions it as a one-stop destination, providing users with a unique and comprehensive shopping experience at the intersection of decentralized finance and online commerce.Read More ››

Nurmuhammet avatarNurmuhammet9220
09 Nov 2023

It looks like a regular online store, but it offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies for payment and is stocked with various services, gift cards, and prepaid debit cards that you can purchase. This is the easiest way to utilize your cryptocurrency anywhere. The store only requires registration and login with your wallet, which is great. This is the future of online shopping.Read More ››

Damnational avatarDamnational8905.2
Full-fledged web3 marketplace
08 Nov 2023

Definitely a necessary marketplace, a large selection of products and goods in different categories, easy navigation. A large selection of payment methods, support for Bitcoin Lightning is a pleasure, as well as Binance Pay with many available cryptocurrencies, as well as regular fiat payment, okayRead More ››

le avatarle12335
Web 3.0 shopping platform
04 Nov 2023

Web 3.0 + shopping, this is so good. Digital, physical and NFT products, all in Uquid. It is convenient to choose from them. Although there are a few shortcomings in Uquid, it is still a good DApp. Read More ››

tb9124 avatartb912412809.5
They offer digital product
02 Nov 2023

Inside the app you can discover that they offer some digital products and mobile recharge in the form of giftcards from well known companies such as amazon google,uber,netflix and airbnb. And if you are a gamer im sure you will enjoy using this app because they offer a lot gaming gift cards .Read More ››

Great Dapp!
24 Oct 2023

This is really good, Uquid bringing another feature to utilized blockchain, using their platform can earn you point, and save money shopping!Read More ››

Gao avatarGao11315.2

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Token Statistics
  • Market Cap$100,257,389.00
  • Volume$166,637.00
  • Circulating Supply10,000,000
  • Max Supply-
  • FDMC$401,029,554

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    Uquid User Trust Reviews

    13 Oct 2023

    I have been watching it for a couple of days, I will continue watching and interacting. excellent project and very ambitious and good work.I have been watching it for a couple of days, I will continue watching and interacting. excellent project and very ambitious and good work.Read More ››

    Walter avatarWalter482.1

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