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The Future of Funding

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About VENT

VENT is a community crowdfunding ecosystem that makes it easy to join compliant token sales of credible blockchain projects. Combining simplicity, security, transparency, and inclusivity, we are determined to reset the world’s expectations of what a decentralised launchpad is and help evolve the reputation and maturity of the DeFi space and crypto ecosystem.

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Validation Score4.1

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  • no18%

VENT Review Score by Real Users

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107 Total
looking forward
02 Dec 2023

Look forward for the project, i hope it will become something in the future, keep growing community!Read More ››

Firsyah avatarFirsyah2190
nice app
01 Dec 2023

APPLICATION easy to use, easy to understand for beginners in web3.0, layout rather well done.. a. to tryRead More ››

mickinsey avatarmickinsey11405
Crowdfunding platform
27 Nov 2023

Thank to the Youtube video from Magic Square official team. I know VENT and I try using it now. It is a good crowdfunding platform. And this decentralised launchpad is useful to me.Read More ››

tb9124 avatartb912413669.5
25 Nov 2023

It's great that it's a decentralized platform, apart from that I didn't see any special advantages over other platforms, the platform itself also says about the security of decentralized use, nothing else special. The interface seems cheap to me, and the functionality is standard.Read More ››

heartbeating avatarheartbeating9300
Best Defi
24 Nov 2023

Vent is the best because its safeguards crowdfunding for Web3 projects with their enhanced security, 24hr support and token protection. Basically, what you get is a high quality Defi experince Read More ››

lonia avatarlonia25
My experience
24 Nov 2023

I really love this project. It’s secure, transparent and user friendly. This opportunity is great we all need to seize this opportunity.Read More ››

Tezza avatarTezza20
My experience with VENT
19 Nov 2023

One of the features I like about VENT is its emphasis on credibility and compliance. By vetting and showcasing credible blockchain projects, the platform aims to offer users access to verified and trustworthy token sale opportunities. Regulatory compliance indicates that VENT can prioritize compliance with the legal framework, thereby potentially ensuring a safer investment environment. I feel that the Platform aims to encourage a community-based approach by allowing participants to engage in collective token sales.Read More ››

julian avatarjulian13365
Vent review
17 Nov 2023

Currently, there are essentially two projects in the crypto market offering noteworthy lunchepads. However, they are held there rarely and not always on convenient terms. I hope that VENT will become a worthy competitor, which will allow both to earn money for crypto market participants and help developers of new products to finance projects.Read More ››

tapirr avatartapirr7350

VENT Token Price Chart (Real Time)

Token Statistics
  • Market Cap$2,942,382.00
  • Volume$25,378.00
  • Circulating Supply250,000,000
  • Max Supply250,000,000
  • FDMC$2,942,382

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    • 02.11.2023Validation Date
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    VENT User Trust Reviews

    Vent trustHigh
    25 Nov 2023

    Vent has provided the Defi space with one of the best platforms for crypto launchpads. I believe that over the next couple of years, its adoption is going to be wider and biggerRead More ››

    lonia avatarlonia25
    24 Nov 2023

    I enjoyed my experience and I trust vent. It’s very transparent and secure. The best and trusted crypto project in the web3 space.Read More ››

    Tezza avatarTezza20
    100% TrustedHigh
    12 Nov 2023

    Vent Finance earns my trust with its transparent and innovative approach. Vent Finance keeps investors informed and engaged. A reliable platform that stands out in the dynamic world of decentralized finance. Read More ››

    TradeVox avatarTradeVox60
    I trust vent High
    10 Nov 2023

    Vent is one of the platform I give trust in. After having pleasant experience, I'll always inform people about Vent.Read More ››

    Harry5 avatarHarry520
    The best. High
    09 Nov 2023

    If you are looking for a great opportunity in Web3, if you don't choose $VENT I don't know what you will choose.. It's the best thing that can happen to you. Let's go $VENT Read More ››

    Carlos_ avatarCarlos_20

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