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Permissionless lending protocol

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About VMEX Finance

VMEX is a meticulously designed over-collateralized lending protocol that utilizes an isolated pool structure and embedded risk management framework to support the responsible expansion of collateral types in DeFi. The novelty of VMEX lies in its ability to support a wider range of assets and risk profiles than traditional lending protocols.

VMEX Finance Suggestions by Real Users

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Vmex chill
23 Oct 2023

It is a new platform, it is completely user-friendly, I contacted the support team and they respond very quickly. They have various encryption security and yes, I liked it.Read More ››

pac avatarpac850
20 Sep 2023

Новизна VMEX заключается в его способности поддерживать более широкий спектр активов и профилей рисков, чем традиционные протоколы кредитования.Read More ››

Vyacheslav avatarVyacheslav4120
Продукт будущего
09 Sep 2023

Крутой продукт, который помогает следить за финансами, а так же выбирать свою стратегию инвестирования, очень полезно. Рекомендую)Read More ››

Iam_p_r_p avatarIam_p_r_p2860

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