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About WiFi Map

WiFi Map is building a connectivity superapp in Web3Our WiFi finder was created with the help of our 160 million-strong community, and offers hotspots in 200+ countries. The WiFi Map app offers eSIM mobile data and VPN protection.

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Validation Score4.3

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159309 Votes

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WiFi Map
09 Nov 2023

A good Wi-Fi app that tells you where Wi-Fi locations are the people have uploaded for you to connect to. I'm not really sure it's as popular as it says it is as my hometown only has 10 WI-Fi is on the app. Out of thirty thousand people. But regardless I'm one of them so..Read More ››

Vinzbond007 avatarVinzbond00714640
Wifi Map
31 Oct 2023

Die Idee hinter der App ist großartig: Sie bietet eine WLAN-Datenbank an, die vollständig von den Benutzern erstellt und verwaltet wird. Es ist, was es sagt, es ist eine große Karte, auf der der WLAN-Standort mit dem Passwort markiert ist. Es handelt sich um eine Datenbank, in der jeder kostenlose WLAN-Standorte und WLAN-Standorte mit Passwörtern anzeigen kann. Manchmal funktionieren sie, aber ich habe auch eine ganze Reihe von Spots in der App gefunden, die es gar nicht mehr gibt.Read More ››

Stuzzy avatarStuzzy15325
Nice DApp
30 Oct 2023

It is very good that I find WiFi Map. WiFi finder and VPN protection, I really like these two features. It is very useful to me. There are some minor bugs. But it is still very good to use.Read More ››

tb9124 avatartb912412804.5
wifi map
18 Oct 2023

This is a good app to anywhere in the world where there is wifi to see which one you can connect to. Having a VPN is a very good added featureRead More ››

tapirr avatartapirr7110
Wifi Map
14 Oct 2023

Wifi Map is an excellent app that has made connecting to Wi-Fi networks more comfortable and more accessible than ever before. The app has a vast database of Wi-Fi passwords and hotspots from all around the world, making it incredibly convenient for travelers and people on the go. One of the most impressive things about Wifi Map is its accuracy.Read More ››

Vinzbond007 avatarVinzbond00714640
12 Oct 2023

🌟 Awesome app! It's user-friendly, intuitive, and packed with useful features. Highly recommended! 👍✨Read More ››

Nuel avatarNuel3500
Not a bad app
05 Oct 2023

Not a bad app that can be helpful when traveling. The idea that users can share places with Wi-Fi is great, although it doesn't always work correctly. There are also frequent bugs in the app, and a lot of paid content. Overall, the app is useful, and it also has a built-in VPN, which is also convenientRead More ››

CryptoFenix avatarCryptoFenix10960.2
Very cool!
05 Oct 2023

A very interesting idea. I use it. The application has a huge database of Wi-Fi passwords. Very cool!Read More ››

botsurgut avatarbotsurgut7255.3

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  • Market Cap$5,018,991.00
  • Volume$639,670.00
  • Circulating Supply86,157,734.237
  • Max Supply1,000,000,000
  • FDMC$58,253,511

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    WiFi Map User Trust Reviews

    Хорошая задумкаHigh
    12 Sep 2023

    Интересный потенциал. Хорошая возможность заработать. eSim интересная функция, раньше не было такое сим карты.Read More ››

    LampClick avatarLampClick2980
    Just a cheap vpnLow
    02 Sep 2023

    It just offers VPN to people outside Western nations. Nothing worth impressive. No real use case in life. I have used it but was very unsatisfied, the only thing is you might want to buy their token to find out the whole pointRead More ››

    Chief avatarChief790

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