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Crypto investment platform

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About Zignaly

Founded in 2018, Zignaly is a crypto investment platform where highly-vetted traders and fund managers let you invest together with them by a percentage of the profits (Profit Sharing).

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16 Nov 2023

My experience with Zignaly has been incredible, with a great staff and fantastic services that genuinely address real-world challenges. Concerning the profit-Sharing 2.0 interface, the UI/UX is excellent and straightforward. Whoever wishes to make real money can exploit the platform's numerous opportunities.Read More ››

kriptoloji avatarkriptoloji7445
16 Oct 2023

Zignaly, a reliable crypto social investment platform that provides equal conditions for everyone, now incorporates artificial intelligence to increase investment income and defines itself as ZIGDAO.com. As someone who knows the importance of decentralized storage, I will follow the developments closely.Read More ››

levo avatarlevo7530
Passiv income is cool
09 Oct 2023

Very cool I just deposit and make money with good bots. All their bots have profit and this is tested for many months in real market. The best thing is the you could participate with very low amount and it's hard to lose. The biggest risk is some hack but It is possible on all other DEXes so I bet here because the passive income is at good level.Read More ››

Didi avatarDidi12625
great app
09 Oct 2023

A utility for automating cryptocurrency trading, I personally like the user-friendly and clear interface and the ability to customize different levels of automation.Read More ››

Ramy avatarRamy2195
03 Oct 2023

Zignaly is a Social Investment Platform for the new generation that brings together the world's best Fund Managers with Digital Asset Investors. They are in the phase of a new project with the claim of Financial Freedom through Artificial Intelligence Supported Investment.Read More ››

levo avatarlevo7530
27 Sep 2023

A utility for automating cryptocurrency trading, I personally like the user-friendly and clear interface and the ability to customize different levels of automation.Read More ››

tapirr avatartapirr7345
Nice App
07 Sep 2023

This app is truly exceptional. It's incredibly fast, intuitive, and easy to use. The user interface is top-notch, making navigation a breeze. Its efficiency and reliability are unmatched. I highly recommend it to everyone!Read More ››

0xCR avatar0xCR495
I'm surprised it's cool
05 Sep 2023

I love the idea of being able to automate my trades in the cryptocurrency market and share profits with experienced traders. What really appealed to me was the option to choose between different levels of automation, allowing me to customize my trading approach based on my experience level and preferences.Read More ››

Moy_Gospodin avatarMoy_Gospodin12865

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Token Statistics
  • Market Cap$18,424,687.00
  • Volume$10,111,360.00
  • Circulating Supply658,663,874.879
  • Max Supply2,000,000,000
  • FDMC$55,945,643

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    Zignaly User Trust Reviews

    A Comprehensive Platform for Crypto TradMedium
    22 Apr 2023

    Zignaly is a comprehensive platform for crypto trading bots that offers a range of features to suit a wide range of trading styles and preferences. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it accessible to both novice and experienced traders, and its commitment to transparency and community governance is a positive sign for its future success.Read More ››

    George Savige avatarGeorge Savige2984.2

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