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Naming System on zkSync, leveraging LayerZero

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About zkSync Name Service

zkSync Name Services conquers the Web through a user-friendly way of creating domains that make it simple to launch a connection on the internet.

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Zksync Name Service
30 Nov 2023

I have chance to experience this domain project when I skin in the game in Zksync ecosystem. The Dapp is built very completely and clear information for users to choose their favorite domain. I already purchased one domain and look forward to the development of project. Read More ››

Loanvan avatarLoanvan10875.3
Impressive Service
30 Nov 2023

This zkns domain name has an impressive platform which a crypto user can create a domain name to alot crypto ecosystem. It has a simple website that someone can create the domain easily, users can explore the platform without any confusion. I just hope that they put some extra details about how to use the domain or FAQ section for it but overall all this is a good project.Read More ››

copro14 avatarcopro147635
Great Dapp
26 Nov 2023

My first dapp of name service. Very good and confiable. I'm using for interact with zksync network. I love itRead More ››

Patropas avatarPatropas1085
ZkSync Name
25 Nov 2023

My experience I purchased a domain name from ZkSync Name Service. The process was quite simple, the mechanics are clear, the site is user-friendly and attractive. There were no problems when working with it. I didn't find any bugs or errors. I enjoyed using this protocol. My adviceRead More ››

RogalevLion avatarRogalevLion10455
Domain name service on zkSync
21 Nov 2023

zkSync Name Service (zkNS) provides users with domain name services on the zkSync Era ecosystem. The difference that makes zkNS win the sympathy of users is the Omnichain feature provided by LayerZero. This feature allows domain names registered on zkNS to exist and operate seamlessly on many different blockchains without being limited to a certain blockchain. Users can interact with blockchains without having to register multiple domain names, saving costs, time and increasing convenience for users. This makes zkNS much different and superior to ENS.Read More ››

lytinh88 avatarlytinh888480
17 Nov 2023

zkSync Name Services conquers the Web through a user-friendly way of creating domains that make it simple to launch a connection on the internet.Read More ››

paulcao avatarpaulcao3370
zksync Name Services
14 Nov 2023

One of the part of one ecosystem is the name domain that support to spread the ecosystem easily. For me zksync name service is a leading project that support users creating domain and be active on zksync blockchain. Keep the good work with more feature in the future. Read More ››

Holoars avatarHoloars11665
Great Name Services
08 Nov 2023

A great name that resonates with what EVM chain ZKsync stands for. Very flexible in their day-to-day activities, a good and affordable price mechanism. Happy to have a name with them. Read More ››

legend avatarlegend7800.3

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    zkSync Name Service User Trust Reviews

    Impressive - ZKsync Name ServiceHigh
    06 Sep 2023

    I had the opportunity to experience the ZKsync Name Service project, and I must say, it left a remarkable impression. The project seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. Firstly, the use of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) ensures utmost security and privacy for users. The anonymity and data protection are commendable. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it accessible for both crypto novices and experts. Registering a ZKsync name was a breeze, and managing it felt effortless. Transaction speeds were astonishingly fast, thanks to the scalability of ZKsync. It's a game-changer for the crypto space, as it significantly reduces the energy consumption and transaction costs associated with traditional blockchain networks. The project's commitment to decentralization is evident, with no single entity having control over the naming system. It truly embodies the ethos of blockchain technology.Read More ››

    cryptocoin avatarcryptocoin7860
    26 Jul 2023

    A large and reliable project, a large partnership, not a large network. Work on it is easy, smooth and fast. Try it safe and easyRead More ››

    ahmedmado avatarahmedmado7820
    Cool ! Best zk name serviceHigh
    13 Apr 2023

    I love this project and always trust in zkns. This project always creates a lot of daily events for users. I feel comfortable using domain services at zkns !Read More ››

    BVIII avatarBVIII2.9

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