BitHotel Magic Store Hot Offer 1BitHotel Magic Store Hot Offer 1


Offer Details

Earn $4 for Buying a Welcome Package at Bit Hotel!



Minimum Requirement:

⚠️Very Important:  

Read Guide: Before clicking on the "Claim Offer" button, please read this guide first; failing to do so may result in not receiving the reward. 

Proof-of-Work: This offer is based on Proof of Work, which is carried out by BitHotel Team, not by Magic Square. Submissions may take up to 72 Hours to review.

FCFS: This offer is 'first-come, first-served' for the first 240 users who complete tasks and have their Proof-of-Work approved. You might participate and complete tasks but miss out on rewards if you're not among the initial 240.

What are you getting?

The first 240 users that Buy a Welcome Package at Bit Hotel will receive $4 USDT

Reward Distribution: 

Upon approval of your submission, a Binance Gift Card will be sent to your Magic Store sign-up email. It will have redemption instructions. Ensure you use a Binance account with the same email when redeeming.


If you encounter any issues with the Hot Offer, kindly visit our Discord and open a Support Ticket for assistance. For more details about Hot Offers and how to claim them, please visit the dedicated page in our Gitbook.