ReHold Magic Store Hot Offer 1ReHold Magic Store Hot Offer 1


Offer Details

Earn 500,000 $PEPE for completing the ReHold campaign plus Get a Chance to Win from a 250,000,000 $PEPE giveaway prize pool.


500000 PEPE

Minimum Requirement:
500000 PEPE

What is ReHold?
ReHold is a decentralized cross-chain protocol offering high-effective yield strategies and leveraging multiple blockchains for maximized earnings from CLMMs while ensuring security through OpenZeppelin best practices for smart contract engineering.

How to claim the offer:
To claim the reward, you must complete the SoQuest. Click on 'Claim Offer' to proceed with the campaign.

What are you getting?
You’re receiving a Binance Gift Card with 500,000 $PEPE.

If you encounter any issues with the Hot Offer, kindly visit our Discord and open a Support Ticket for assistance. For more details about Hot Offers and how to claim them, please visit the dedicated page in our Gitbook.