TonPunks Magic Store Hot Offer 1TonPunks Magic Store Hot Offer 1


Offer Details

Earn 15,000 $SHIB for completing the TonPunks campaign + get a chance to win from a 65,000,000 $SHIB giveaway prize pool!


15000 SHIB

Minimum Requirement:
15000 SHIB

What are TonPunks?
TonPunks offers a standout collection of 5149 NFTs on the TON blockchain. Merging Play2Earn with Telegram game bots, it's anchored by the PUNK TOKEN, a TON-based currency, a DAO directing the treasury via $PUNK, and game bots promoting the token. A beacon in decentralized gaming, TonPunks is set to transform the NFT and gaming sectors.

How to claim the offer?
To claim the reward, you must complete the SoQuest. Click on 'Claim Offer' to proceed with the campaign.

What are you getting?
You’re receiving a Binance Gift Card with 15,000 $SHIB plus a chance to win in a 65,000,000 $SHIB giveaway prize pool!

Submission Review:
Magic Square hosts the “Hot Offers”, but final approval of claims is determined by the associated project. When you submit a claim, it undergoes review by both Magic Square and the project, which may take up to 72 hours for reward distribution. Your claim could potentially be deemed invalid by the project, meaning no reward, even if it appears you’ve successfully claimed. We're enhancing clarity in this process. Soon, you'll be able to track if your claim was submitted, reviewed, and its status-accepted or rejected. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these improvements.

If you encounter any issues with the Hot Offer, kindly visit our Discord and open a Support Ticket for assistance. For more details about Hot Offers and how to claim them, please visit the dedicated page in our Gitbook.