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Vertex Protocol

Vertex Protocol

Offer Details

Earn $20 USDT for Joining the Vertex Protocol Campaign



Minimum Requirement:

⚠️Very Important:

Read Guide: Before clicking on the "Claim Offer" button, please read this guide first; failing to do so may result in not receiving the reward

Geo Restrictions: This offer is not available for resident of Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, USA and the UK.

What are you getting?

The first 250 users will receive $20 USDT for Completing all the Tasks in the guide above.

Reward Distribution:

Upon approval of your submission, a Binance Gift Card will be sent to your Magic Store sign-up email. It will have redemption instructions. Ensure you use a Binance account with the same email when redeeming.


If you encounter any issues with the Hot Offer, kindly visit our Discord and open a Support Ticket for assistance. For more details about Hot Offers and how to claim them, please visit the dedicated page in our Gitbook.


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Before you start trading make sure that you read and understand the Vertex Statement of risk.