5TARS Road-to-IDO $250,000 in 5TARS Token Rewards. Magic Square. 5tars5TARS Road-to-IDO $250,000 in 5TARS Token Rewards. Magic Square. 5tars5TARS Road-to-IDO $250,000 in 5TARS Token Rewards. Magic Square. 5tars

5TARS Project Overview and Campaign Details

Project Introduction and Highlights

5TARS.io is the world’s largest Web3 sports prediction and fantasy gaming platform, integrating NFTs and rewarding user engagement with cryptocurrency and real-world assets.

5TARS.io integrates blockchain, NFTs, and a dynamic earning model to create an immersive and rewarding experience for sports fans.

Launched in August 2023, 5TARS.io has rapidly grown, recording over 1 million on-chain transactions per month. The platform aims to blend the excitement of sports with the innovation of Web3, providing fans with unique digital assets, real-world rewards, and an engaging community. With a user-friendly interface and a free-to-play model, 5TARS.io democratizes access to the gaming experience, offering an engaging and rewarding environment for sports fans worldwide.

5TARS The World’s largest Web3 Sports Fantasy Gaming Platform

Key Highlights:

  • 5TARS.io ranks among the top games in web3.
  • The platform has achieved more than 1 million on-chain transactions per month since launch.
  • Users can collect and trade unique digital assets, adding tangible value and enhancing the gaming experience.
  • Players earn STARCOIN through accurate sports predictions and strategic gameplay, combining skill and rewards.
  • STARCOIN can be redeemed for gift cards and other real-world assets, bridging digital and physical economies.
  • Starting with football, the platform will soon include other major sports like cricket, increasing its appeal to a broader audience.

Unique Value Proposition

5TARS.io revolutionizes the sports gaming industry by seamlessly integrating blockchain, NFTs, and an innovative earning model to create an unparalleled fan experience. The platform transforms passive spectators into active participants, rewarding their sports knowledge and strategic gameplay with valuable digital assets and real-world rewards. By lowering entry barriers with a free-to-play model and expanding into major sports like cricket, 5TARS.io democratizes access to the excitement of fantasy sports. The platform not only enhances fan engagement but also bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, making every moment of the game more thrilling and rewarding.

Investors & Partners

  • brinc
  • KGEN


  • Borja Burguillos's avatar

    Borja Burguillos

    Founding Partner & CEO

    • Over 18 years in building tech products, marketing, and strategic development within the fan engagement and gaming industry. LinkedIn
  • Ivan Campillo's avatar

    Ivan Campillo

    Founding Partner & CTO

    • 20 years of expertise in software development, specializing in blockchain and gaming technologies. LinkedIn
  • Alvaro Cid's avatar

    Alvaro Cid

    Blockchain Lead

    • 12 years in developing secure, scalable blockchain systems and deploying high-stakes financial applications on Ethereum and other platforms. LinkedIn
  • Borja Puado's avatar

    Borja Puado

    Head of Marketing and Growth

    • Over 10 years of extensive experience in Web3 user acquisition projects, driving user growth and brand visibility to ensure robust market penetration for the platform. LinkedIn

Token Utility / Use Cases

The $5TARS token plays a crucial role within the 5TARS.io ecosystem, offering various utilities that drive its demand and value:

  1. In-Game Transactions: $5TARS tokens are used to purchase unique digital collectibles (NFTs), special in-game items, player cards, and access to premium events and arenas. This enhances the gaming experience by allowing players to unlock exclusive content and capabilities, driving continuous demand for the tokens.
  2. Staking and Rewards: Players can stake $5TARS tokens to earn an attractive annual percentage yield (APY) and receive additional perks such as discounts and access to special features. Staking incentivizes long-term holding, reducing market supply and increasing token value.
  3. Governance: Token holders can participate in governance decisions, voting on key aspects of the platform’s development and future updates. This empowers the community, ensuring the platform evolves in a way that aligns with user interests, thereby increasing the token's utility and demand.
  4. Rewards and Incentives: $5TARS tokens are distributed as rewards for achieving in-game milestones, winning tournaments, and participating in community events. These rewards drive engagement and encourage active participation, ensuring a steady demand for the tokens.
  5. Real-World Asset Conversion: Players can redeem in-game currency (STARCOIN) earned through gameplay for $5TARS tokens, which can then be converted to real-world assets like gift cards. This bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, adding tangible value to in-game achievements and attracting a broader audience.

Token Deflation

To ensure the value of the $5TARS token grows over time, several strategies have been implemented to reduce the total supply and increase demand:

  1. Burning Tokens on Purchases: 25% of all tokens used to purchase NFTs and any in-game assets are burned, significantly reducing the total token supply and driving up the value of the remaining tokens.
  2. Staking and Lock-up Mechanisms: By staking $5TARS tokens, users can earn rewards. These tokens are locked up for a certain period, reducing the number of tokens in circulation and helping stabilize the token price.
  3. Transaction Fees: Small fees are applied to trades within the 5TARS marketplace and other platform services. A portion of these fees is used to buy back and burn tokens, further decreasing the supply.
  4. In-Game Utility: $5TARS tokens are essential for various in-game activities, such as purchasing NFTs, entering tournaments, and accessing premium features. This creates constant demand for the tokens, supporting their value.
  5. Limited Token Supply: There is a maximum limit to the total number of $5TARS tokens that can ever exist. This cap prevents inflation and helps maintain the token’s value.
  6. Strategic Partnerships and Integrations: Partnerships with other platforms where $5TARS tokens can be used increase their utility and demand. These partnerships help drive adoption and long-term value growth.

Campaign Details

To celebrate the upcoming release of the $5TARS Token by 5TARS.io, $250,000 in 5TARS Token Rewards has been allocated to the 5TARS Road-to-IDO Campaign. This campaign aims to expand the 5TARS ecosystem and community, rewarding the most active users on the platform and across social media. Your level of activity and engagement directly increases your potential to earn more $5TARS tokens!

Magic Square is proud to host and manage this campaign, offering complete support to all participants.

  • Prize Pool$250,000 in 5TARS Token Rewards
  • Campaign Duration12th of June - After the 5TARS IDO
  • Reward Vesting10% at TGE, 3 months cliff, 6 months vesting
  • Tasks and Participation
    • Complete tasks, collect XP, rewards distribution by 5TARS.io after their TGE
    • Tasks will include Social Media, Content, and activity in the 5TARS Ecosystem

Rewards will be distributed based on XP, and we will also hold a weekly raffle to give everyone a chance to win

Steps to Join the Campaign

  • 1

    Register for a Magic Store Account

  • 2

    Add an EVM Wallet to your MagicID

  • 3

    Create a username and verify your email

  • 4

    Complete Proof-of-Humanity verification

  • 5

    Visit the Campaign Page to complete tasks

  • 6

    Monitor your standing on the Leaderboard to track your progress.
    Rewards will be distributed based on your campaign XP proportionally

  • 7

    Rewards will be claimed through the 5TARS Launchpad

Only one account per user is permitted. Duplicate accounts will be blocked from the campaign.

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